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Confirmation of Second Generation Who Are Preparing for the Cheon Il Guk Special Blessing (Matching by True Parents)

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 20, 2995

No.: FFWPUI 2005-23
To: Continental directors, Regional leaders, National Messiahs, National leaders
From: FFWPU International Headquarters
Date: June 20, 2005
Re: Confirmation of Second Generation Who Are Preparing for the Cheon Il Guk Special Blessing (Matching by True Parents)

May the blessings and love of God and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with all mission countries, leaders and blessed families worldwide as we usher in the providential age of completing the internal and external ideal of Cheon Il Guk. FFWPU International Headquarters is conducting research on second generation who are preparing for the Cheon Il Guk Special Blessing (Matching to be conducted by True Parents). There have not been any specific instructions as to the schedule of the matching by True Parents. However, we are collecting information about second generation members around the world who are preparing for this Blessing so as to give a report to True Parents when they return to Korea in mid July.

Please find the details regarding the qualifications for candidates for the matching for the Cheon Il Guk Special Blessing. Leaders in each nation should be fully aware of the details and announce this to all blessed families. Please report the registration and application of related documents.

1. Age range : Those born between July 31, 1982, and August 1, 1988 (that is, who will have had their 17th birthday by August 1 this year, but whose 23rd birthday is no later than July 31 of this year)

Those born on July 30, 1982, or earlier should be matched by their own parents

2. Qualifications

1st Qualification Purity: Second generation members who have proudly preserved the purity of their lineage and who have had no girlfriend/boyfriend relationship with the opposite sex (maintaining purity)

2nd Qualification Obedience: Absolute faith to accept True Parentsí match without question and not break it

3rd Qualification International Blessing: Willingness to receive international Blessing to create one global family (international blessing)

4th Qualification No Previous Engagement: Those who have been previously matched or blessed are not being called to this event

5th Qualification Health: Those who have no special physical or psychological problems (good health)

6th Qualification Fast: Seven-day fast: Even if the second-generation candidate has previously completed a 7-day fast, a new 7-day fast must be done for the sake of participating in this Blessing Ceremony. Those who offered a seven-day fast in preparation to participate in the Second Generation Blessings are not required to offer another one.

3. Documents to Prepare

1) Second generation blessing application form
2) Recommendation letter from church leader
3) Photos: two are required, both 8 x 10 inch (one full length, one head and shoulders)
4) Receipt for blessing donation
5) Receipt certifying full payment of family fees by candidateís parents
6) Citizenís registration or birth certificate
7) Family register (i.e. official family tree record), if possible
8) Certificate of graduation from school/college
9) Certificate of health

4. Deadline : Each national headquarters should receive and screen the applications for the second generation blessing. Please report the results to the continental director by Thursday, June 30 (Tuesday). Continental directors should compile the name list of candidates and submit it to the FFWPU International Office (email: by July 2 (Saturday).

5. Report Form : Please use the form below for the name list, and send it via e-mail.




First Name

Last Name




Academic background


Year of


Contact Info



6. Inquires

1) Korean Second Generation Office
Person in charge: Hwang In-chun

2) Japanese Second Generation Office
Person in charge: Masaue Sakurai

3) US Second Generation Office
Person in charge: Seo In-guk

4) Europe Second Generation Office
Person in charge: Geros Kunkel

Chung Hwan Kwak
International President

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