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Rev. Kwak Speaks to Foreign Members in Yeosu

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 29th 2005

The following are notes taken by Paul Saver from Rev. Kwak's speech to foreign members in Yeosu, Korea. It is not a full transcript, rather an outline of the key points.

The title of this event in Yeosu (April 27-May 1st) is "Rally for Education on Attending and Protecting the Root Ancestor".

This is a unique title but has deep meaning. The English translation of the word "root" is "original" however True Father insisted that the word "root" be used.

When you think of "root" think of God and True Parents together.

"Protection" means that in the face of opposition we safeguard the root.

Adam and Eve were supposed to become the root ancestor- the substantial embodiment of God Himself. Then all their descendants would have become the embodiments of goodness. However God lost the root ancestor because of the Fall and so God was plunged into a long lonely history. True Father came to lay indemnity conditions on all levels to restore the original root ancestor.

HAS-UWC represents Christianity. True Father is first referred to as Saviour, Messiah and Second Coming. These are terms that are relevant to religious people. "Second Coming" is applicable to Christianity. "Messiah" is used by people of all different religions. For non religious people it is sufficient to simply speak of "True Parents" without reference to the other terminology. However "True Parents" is the best description, since to fulfill the requirements of restoration, the parents position that was lost due to the Fall needs to be restored. In history no one ever thought that the Messiah comes as a couple, a man and woman.

Having lost True Parents, there is no mention of such a title in any dictionary or encyclopedia.

How do we "attend" True Parents? Need to know True Parents. Without knowing we cannot attend.

All human beings who are connected to the Fall, need adoption into God's blood lineage. This is achieved through the Blessing ceremony. We come to inherit God's true life, love and lineage.

No one in the past saw beyond individual salvation. TP speaks of family salvation.

Without Blessed family status we cannot attend and protect the root ancestor. This means developing the internal content, reflecting God's nature. To do this requires the following:

1.. Perfecting one's character centering on true love. Our character should become one that is serving, loving, caring and sacrificial. Such a person is unchanging and thus becomes a true man/true woman. 2.. Perfecting one's capacity to become a true husband/wife 3.. Perfecting one's capacity to become True Parents

True Father explained that if Blessed couples followed the above cosmic law, they would raise up wonderful son's and daughters and "become like me".

By developing through the three stages above, we develop the internal quality necessary to properly attend and protect True Parents. It depends on the fulfilment of our portion of responsibility.

This Rally in Yeosu is our opportunity to make a new determination to live according to cosmic law and become True Parents.

The citizen of the Peace Kingdom is not an individual but a Blessed Family.

The best attitude is to always be humble. Look always to go the sacrificial way. Don't expect to be welcomed and received well. Think more of "digging underground".

Don't be swayed by the lifestyle of people in the fallen world. Look to go to the lowest place rather than the highest.

Every week in Korea we are educating 120 leader VIP's. Just after two lectures I Blessed all of them. I emphasize the need for a true love revolution. They all agree. Then I say to them, "if you agree then I want to serve you by giving you a special Blessing from Heaven". After receiving the Blessing, I emphasize to them that from now on they are to practise the way of purity and fidelity.

So far, 1200 Korean leaders received these lectures and Blessing. Until the end of June, 2,000 VIP's will have attended. In July, 3,000 more will have attended. My goal then is to educate and Bless 5,000 leaders. After this, we will make seven forums covering areas such as media, academia, interfaith, public administration etc

After attending this seminar, participants could not stop their mouths. In the past, for more than 40 years, people shut their ears and eyes to our message. Now the atmosphere has changed. A new era has come that will impact the world.

We should become the True Ancestor's partner. By doing so, we inherit everything.

Regarding Tribal Messiah ship, all Blessed couples need to Bless many couples. True Father emphasized globalisation of the Blessing Ceremony. Without the Blessing, there can be no substantial relationship with True Parents, the Root Ancestor.

Regarding the significance of establishing the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace. The Mongolian race descended from Cain through the lineage of Shem-eldest son of Noah. These descendants were very migratory and so spread throughout the world. Anthropologists say that 74% of people alive on the Earth today, have Mongolian blood. A key point is that even though many people associate Mongolians with the yellow race, the fact is that, Mongolian blood is also found in white and black skinned people in large numbers. Therefore we can say that the majority of people on the Earth are descendants of Mongolian people.

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