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Rally for Education on Attending and Protecting the Root Ancestor (King of Peace)

Chunk Hwan Kwak
April 27, 2005
Yeosu, Blue Sea Garden
FFWPU International

True Parents returned to Korea on April 25, 2005, to hold a very important rally as they are offering their lives in leading the providence at this very time. During their stay in America, they celebrated the 46th True Parents' Day at Belvedere and the 45th True Parents' Holy Wedding Anniversary as they had daily Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden.

According to True Parents direction in this very important providential time period, all the Mongolian Federation leaders around the world, leaders and representatives of the nations of the world and all blessed families around Korea were called to participate in a rally and a 4-day education to attend and protect the root ancestor, the King of Peace. The rally began at 2:00 p.m. on April 27, 2005 at the Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu.

Even though the time was very short for the preparation, everything has been done properly without any problem. Blessed families arrived from all around Korea on a beautiful sunny day to be with True Parents, the King of Peace and our Root Ancestors.

After some performances by some Korean singers, Rev. Hwang Sun-jo as the masters of ceremonies began to prepare everyone with holy songs, which was followed by a prayer from Rev. SongYoeng-seok, welcoming address by Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan, congratulatory address by Lee Chul-seung, the president of Seoul Peace Prize, offering flowers by Moon Jeong-su and Kim Myoung-shin, the previous mayor of Busan city, the main address by True Father and three cheers of mansei lead by Rev. Yu Jeong-ok the president of FFWPU-Japan

Father said in his speech:

... A false olive tree should be completely cut off at the stump. Even if on branch were remain, it would lose its qualification to be reborn as a true olive tree. In other words, the sprout of the true olive tree must be engrafted only onto a clean base not having a trace of false olive tree. In this way, the fruit of the true olive tree can be harvested.

Accordingly, the circumstances for you, who have had no choice but to live as false olive trees, are as plain as can be. Above all you should first seek the true root. If that is true, where can this root be found? Can it be found through modern science that today continues to develop at a speed beyond our imagination? Or can it be found through extensive readings of philosophy, which is proud of several thousands of years of tradition and which has developed its ideal until the present? If not, then can it be mastered through the doctrines of the great religions of the world recognized by everyone today? To state simply, the true root can only be found on a level that transcends science, philosophy, religion and the cosmos....

After Father Speech there were some performances by CARP members which were followed by Hoon Dok Hae (reading of the messages from the spirit world) by Rev. Yang Chang-shik, the continental director of the North America.

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