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International Peace Girl Band Project

Jin Man Kwak
April 6, 2005


As you may know, W-CARP produced an international peace performing group called "Colors of Love" three years ago. Colors of Love has been actively working as a cultural ambassador for peace centered on Korea, engaging in several outreach projects.

I would like to inform you all that W-CARP is planning to produce the next generation project to follow Colors of Love, and we are opening the application for the members of the new project.

The mission of this project is to transform people's hearts through expressing the culture of one world family through musical performances. The team members will be selected from different races and nationalities to form a group. They will gather in Korea, where they will live together and go through trainings of performing arts and faith before engaging in various major projects.

First, there will be an application screening, then an audition before the final selections are made. The deadline for the application for the first screening process is April 20. The detail of the audition will be informed together with the announcement of the accepted applicants on April 25th. Please see below for details.

* Project name: International Peace Girl Band Project

* Qualifications:

* Any female who agree with the Core Values of W-CARP, has good standing in their life of faith and purity, and is between the ages of 16 and 22.

* Requirements:

* Filled out <>application form

* Photo (4 by 6 inch) 1 bust-up and 1 full figure in casual wear (please avoid long skirts). Write your name on the back of the photos.

* Video tape with the recording of the applicant's self-introduction, singing and dancing. You may include the recording of other talents in your video. (Ex: rap, playing instruments, beat box, etc.)

* Recipient of the application: W-CARP HQ COL Project Team

* Period of application: from March 25th to April 20th 2005.

* Mailing address:

COL Office,
Myungryun-dong 2Ga,
8-15 Seoul Korea
Contact number:
Tel: 82-02-3675-0590
Fax: 82-505-375-0590
Contact person: Jisu Jun (

* Announcement of selected applicants will be informed individually.

* The audition will be held about one week after the announcement. Please prepare your song and/or dance (performance) beforehand.

* For details, please inquire the contact person. Please also check regularly for updated information on our website, Thank you very much for your cooperation.

JinMan Kwak
Executive Vice President

Sam Nagasaka
Vice President of PR & Marketing
W-CARP Headquarters

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