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The Small Group Revolution

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 26, 2005

From Rev. Kwak's speech at the Central Training Center in Sutaek-ri at the special event marking the "Conferment of Cheon Seong Gyeong and Hoon Dok Hae Launch Ceremony," on March 26, 2005. One of the first events Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan officiated at after resuming the position of International President (and President of the Korean church) was an assembly to launch a new strategy and focus of activities for the movement in Korea. The following is translated from a partial transcription of Rev. Kwak's speech on that occasion.

From now on activities will be done by all blessed couples with the central headquarters supporting you, helping to make it possible for you to participate in activities and supplying you with educational materials. This is the time when things related to the sphere of our lifestyle should be settled, so we need to concentrate on bringing good results. Are the Japanese woman leaders here? Japanese women need to actively participate in these small group activities, and since you are many in number, we place much hope in you. Using your cultural insight and inherent skill as Japanese women, please bring people to the practice of Hoon Dok Hae.

I would like to explain why we should work on such activities and how we are going to do it. I am going to explain it in relation to the phases of tribal restoration, breaking through in the local community, and home church activities that have been emphasized by True Father for twenty-seven years. Returning to hometown has been emphasized during three periods beginning in 1991, activities to break through in the local community have been emphasized three times since 1989, and the home church providence has been emphasized since 1979. Father has repeatedly directed us to do these things and even included them in annual mottoes five times.

He has often instructed us to do home church activities geared toward breaking through in the local community. The concept of home church is the same as tongban gyeokpa (breaking through in the local community). But we have lost our focus with regard to home church, Father has instructed us to work on breaking through in our neighborhood. It is possible to break through in our local areas when we have formed home church organizations. This kind of activity can also contribute to financial stability. If it's done up to a national level, it will be like a magic wand. Father has prepared for this.

Excerpt from a speech of Father's: "If a tribal messiah leads a clan, this is horizontal expansion. If home churches are established, the tribe can be won over. If you are successful in home church, you become a messiah. You become a person responsible for saving people. This is an amazing blessing. Unificationists are becoming tribal messiahs. Just because you become a tribal messiah doesn't mean you do not need home church. We have to bring these together."

Comprehensive results are most effectively achieved by a movement powered by small groups. First, historically, successful religious, social and political movements have begun with small groups. Early religious movements also started as small communities of believers.

How effective will small groups be? Small groups are not always visible, but it is not necessary to hide them. Let's evaluate the socialist communist revolution and how they succeeded in fomenting revolution. Women connected to these movements joined unions for women, and young people, laborers and politicians were each sent to their respective unions to form alliances. They were active underground and above ground. Groups of woman activists and of student activists, labor unions and progressive political parties emerged within the framework of the law; it was a grass roots united front. Through these activities, elite members of society came together, created a nationwide federation and led an overall revolution, which led to their movement's success.

That movement eventually went an illegal route, but because ours is a movement to help society there is no need for an underground organization. We do not, though, need to announce ourselves by wearing name tags. We know that later, when we combine our strength, the overall goal of the providence will be accomplished.

We know that even in Korea the left-wing movement has followed this course. They have developed a movement of small groups through night schools or urban and industrial area associations. They approach factory girls employed in city factories and create a core group by gathering people together through their missionary zeal. On campuses, small group activities are carried out by secret underground societies; under other circumstances, such as among teachers, anti-American youth or politicians, they might set up an organization of cells. They form underground, half-open organizations that grow, then emerge, becoming apparent to society as a national school personnel labor union or a progressive political party. These are influencing our society.

Large churches in Korea are also experiencing hardships. There are splits over money; they slander one another, and there are many rumors going back and forth. Within established churches a trend where leaders are moving in a direction counter to tradition is emerging. Their churches were built as places to gather people, but they are changing direction to one where churches spread people out. They have branched out centering on lay believers, working in society, moving toward the experience of grace.

Thus the church mission paradigm is changing. Father is directing our way forward, ahead of the wider society.

There are countless books related to home churches. The cells multiply. The core of Cheon Il Guk is an ideal family unified and living in cosmic peace. One family centered on God generates the power to grow and then to multiply to branch families. This can be carried out in various ways in the midst of our daily lives. Gatherings such as class reunions, anglers' clubs, early morning meetings, and meetings for people sharing the same tastes are all in this candidates for where this work can take place.

If we think about Father's intention for the hoondok small reading group activities, we can do many activities, we can organize clubs, informal circles or interact with organizations in the community at large. There are also political associations, which often were formed of people who are strongly united and who have a desire to confront the existing political order. Political groups generally have a centralized decision-making process and are well organized. There are also discussion forums, religious support groups, and small religious communities. There are hobbyists who meet together and friendship groups among people who share a common interest in art or culture. Our mountain hiking clubs and ambassador for peace organization are good model associations. We are in the process of setting up a forum for those concerned about the reunification of the Koreas, which we expect will exert great influence.

The final and strongest purpose for becoming involved in or creating a small group is for it to become, at its core, a home church. It is good to have a group leader and an assistant leader. The ideal number of members for each small group is thirty. If the number exceeds thirty, the group should divide to create two. Record successful experiences and share them. From now on there will be many successful cases and they are very important. Within three months , we'll see visible results. We'll be able to take responsibility together, raise people we have connected to our groups, and lead them to blessing.

All blessed members should participate in establishing small hoondok groups. In case it is beyond your ability, or the activities are not being done effectively, several couples-centered on an elder or experienced couple-can begin first. But remember that all of you have to be hoondok church leaders. Cell division should take place later on. The hoondok groups should multiply through this process. There will be education at the beginning. Through this education the witnessing process must bear fruit. Revival teams can operate on the provincial level and Divine Principle lecturers can arrange to tour and offer encouragement. Imparting understanding of True Parents' historical value is not possible without Divine Principle. Only after giving people the blessing can they become sons and daughters through true love, the true lineage and true life. Among those blessed, we have to focus on raising the perhaps 10 percent with real Abel-type character.

When people really become members, bring them to a hoondok service in the local town or region, and connect them to one particular church. We need to find the best method of developing the hoondok small groups to the level where they are able to sustain themselves and grow on their own. They should be small groups that spawn an active movement.

When members face reality there will be difficulties, and we may feel far from the center of things. However, this work is not the end of the road; Father's idea is after you establish small groups he will then call you and meet you directly. The reason Father is instructing all the blessed members to participate in small hoondok groups is because there is a need to set up hoondokhae as a part of daily life on the Korean peninsula. Small hoondok group activities are absolutely necessary in every household in the land, so we have to permeate every corner of it. We should be developing personal relationships based on heart. Fundamentally, we need to be looking for people with hearts that are moved by the same love that we have received from God and True Parents. We should all become leaders and such leaders should multiply from us.

The first step is to build friendly relationships so that people can open up their hearts. Arrange opportunities and let people open up. Follow that up with education. Why are such encounters valuable? It is passing on an idea through, for example, discussing your impression of a book, educating someone after watching a movie or a play together, or teaching them the secrets of how to organize a movement. God's true love must be testified to. Since hoondokhae is necessary, anything we do must begin with reading from Father's speeches. This should be an activity embedded in the daily lives of small group members. We have to consider the whole picture in relation to our structure, organization and foundation.

All activities, all our foundation, and all of our time should be concentrated on small group activities. This is what Father wants. His words "Close down all institutions" can be interpreted variously from the rear, center and front line in light of Father's deeds and foundation, but there is only one direction in front of blessed members.

At the core, based on three foundations-the Family Party, the Family Federation, and the Peace UN-the HSA-UWC became the Family Federation, and the Family Federation became the Ideal Family Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification. Father also established IIFWP and IIPC on the international and global level as a vehicle for unity among those in the upper levels of society. The support and strength of the central headquarters and other providential organizations should be directed toward these three organizations.

In the background, the Unification Foundation as well as organizations related to visual and print media, publications, research institutes and the electronics center affiliated with the Foundation have to operate in unity. The rear should support the front. Ours will be a single-structure movement. All blessed members need to activate themselves through study of the word at hoondokhae and increase the number of people in their small group to thirty. This can be done in conjunction with the multi-dimensional influence of hobby club activities, home meetings, friendship groups and cultural or volunteer activities.

There will be a headquarters for these activities. Rev. Song Young-seok will be supporting and directing hoondok activities in all local provinces, cities, counties, districts, towns and wards. A center to help embed this in our daily lives will be set up at the central headquarter as well as in regional and city headquarters. All providential institutions will unite and support this initiative. There is only one direction.

With a focus on visiting one's relatives and actively working as tribal messiahs, while reaching out to others based on one's occupation, political affiliations, area of interest or specialty-particularly making use of the Internet, such as through blogs, we will be connecting others to us through their interests. If we have all of these ongoing activities how will we organize education? How can be guide people to receive the blessing? If all blessed members are determined, by the end of July, to bless two single people as a couple and to bless a couple who are currently married, the breakthrough in the local community will have been successful and hoondok will have successfully been integrated into daily life.

Without receiving help from other members, the current church leaders should be working on model small group activities and organizing group leaders, so that all blessed members can lead hoondok churches and activate them from April 1. We will be able to offer the results of three months' effort to True Parents. Growth should occur through this organized system. For growth to proceed well there must be Divine Principle education the blessing of couples. Blessed members have to become the leaders of small groups. Anyone who has attended a seven-day, twenty-one day or forty-day workshop should take part in the small group activities. We have to connect the people who have been witnessed to and received the blessing to the ward, town or county hoondok churches .

Connecting our outreach to the sphere of daily life means connecting people who've been blessed to hoondok organizations in their ward, town or county or to an interest-based specialized group or tribal group in their vicinity. Automatically, tribal restoration will integrate with breaking through in the local community. If we base our outreach on activities that are components of daily living, our efforts will bear fruit different levels-city, town and county.

Church leaders should give presentations at workshops. If membership increases through the division of cells, they should connect new members to the hoondok home churches. If they do so, there will be a foundation in the wards, towns and counties. That is what True Parents wish to achieve. We have to activate small hoondok groups and achieve results through hoondok home churches. We should keep and eye out for and record successful experiences, share grace through testimonies or conferences, and firmly establish our organization. We should lead new people to attend hoondok services and help them become leaders. Seven-day, twenty-one-day and forty-day workshops will be held throughout the year.

Why should we create these interrelated organizations? We need to think about that in relation to the time of the providence. The completion stage come to an end by 2012. Father has been mentioning 2012 for a long time; the time until then is divided into formation, growth, and completion stages. Father's eighty-eighth birthday falls in 2008, in January of which a newly elected president of Korea will assume office. In November that year, America will hold her presidential election, and the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing. While working toward such an important year, we have to move forward based on what Father has taught us. Korea will have another presidential election in 2012. We have to prepare for that to be a combined North¨¢South Korean election and for Korea to emerge as God's chosen nation. We have to have a vehicle for broad unity through these interrelated small groups and other hoondok organizations on the grassroots level and a vehicle for unity among the higher levels of society through a national federation.

You should know that your starting these interrelated small groups is a first step that can be likened to laying the cornerstone of a saved nation and world. The foundation for ward, town and county hoondok churches is based on the village, community and neighborhood. Hence its accomplishment will result in an impressive national foundation. You should know that without tribal restoration and breaking through in the local community, the unification of North and South Korea will be something unrelated to God.

Cheon Il Guk comes on such a foundation, so my desire is that by 2008 there will be a nation where the president and prime minister educate people based on Father's teachings.

We all start with small hoondokhae groups. The small groups should be led by us. We have to become leaders of the Family Federation and public officials in Cheon Il Guk. Please understand that if you do not resemble one of the nerve cells, you cannot become a public official.

Are you determined to accomplish these things? If we complete this course, we will meet True Parents and we will live within the love of God. May God's blessings be with you all.


Heavenly Father, True Parents, thank you for searching for us and never forsaking us along the path of indemnity you have walked down. According to our relationship into which you have called us, we have received the grace of your having taught us everything and encouraged us to become practitioners of true love. What are we to do with the sorrow of not being able to wait, when the unforgettable homeland, all things and all nature are waiting for True Parents? I pray that we become determined to offer all our power and our lives for the hoondok small group activities and that we will inherit Cheon Seong Gyeong as a family treasure. Please bless and lead us through the steps of developing hoondok activities, which is the heavenly way. We know that if we follow this unique path, you are waiting to see the emergence of predestined victory and results. We are going to witness to and bless all the prepared people, so please allow your strength to be with us. The brothers and sisters here have worked hard without being recognized and without being in the spotlight. What should we envy externally? What does it benefit us to gain the world but lose True Parents? What meaning would there be to owning the whole world but losing our Heavenly Father? We are going to be the heavenly soldiers who run along this unique path and leave behind a model. We will remain strong and carry on with small hoondok groups; so please guide us.

I pray in my name, Kwak Chung-hwan, of a blessed central family. Amen.

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