The Words of the Kwak Family after 2007

Open Letter Regarding Jin Yong Park (Richard Bach)'s Accusations

Jin Man Kwak
March 30, 2010

My name is Jin Man Kwak. I am the eldest son of Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak. Many of you know me personally, but for those who do not know me or my father, I felt compelled to write this public letter in light of the recent accusations made against my father and family by Jin Yong Park (Richard Bach) through the presentation he gave in a very public setting during the February worldwide Unification movement leaders conference in Korea.

First of all, I am saddened by the accusations made by Jin Yong Park in front of the worldwide leadership who represent all Blessed Central Families. I have known Jin Yong Park and his family for over 30 years, and have considered him a friend. He also states that he is my friend. But if that is true, could any "friend" be doing what he has been doing? To publicly criticize a friend's family in public, not with facts but with fabrication, and not about any concrete misdeed but about the very personal and private matters that have to do with my family's faith in God and True Parents? How can he claim to speak as if he knows where we stand in our personal lives of faith?

As one example of his misrepresentations, Jin Yong Park claimed that my father, Rev. Kwak, "bolted out of" Starbucks in Seoul when he ran into Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim. This is simply not true; it is a claim made with the malicious intent to implant the image of someone who is cowardly ashamed and has something to hide. Rev. Kwak was in a hotel coffee shop meeting with several guests, when Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim and a few staff walked in. He continued on with his meeting for about 10 minutes and when he finished, he simply left. This is according to the eyewitness who was there. Was Jin Yong Park there? No! His hyperbole of "bolted out" as well as naming the wrong location shows not only his questionable intent but also how unreliable he is as a source of information. Unfortunately, we are living in a time when anyone with official church authority can publicly speak whatever he or she wants based on their particular agenda or motivation with complete disregard for truth or consequences.

More disappointing were his public statements at the international leaders' meeting that seem to speak for my family and even Hyun Jin Nim: "Their biggest point is, Hey, listen. Father said we were the model family in support of True Family. Why does Father all of a sudden change his mind? We are the model family!" Does he claim to know the heart and intention of others? Yet he goes on to make even more egregious comments: "Well then, submit. Be obedient to True Parents. That's the bottom line. How dare you question Father's authority! How dare Hyun Jin Nim question Father's authority, that somehow Mother and Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim are always manipulating Father's mind because Father's suffering from certain geriatric conditions, senility. How dare you question my parents! How could I not get emotional! This is absurd! And why doesn't Rev. Kwak bring Hyun Jin Nim to Father? Why?"

First of all, neither I, nor anyone in my family, have ever said such a thing to him or to anyone, period. Anyone who knows me, my father, or anyone in my family would know what he is saying is a lie and mischaracterization with malicious intent.

My family and I are grateful that we have had the honor of being selected as a representative model family in front of all UTS alumni in 2001 at East Garden by True Parents at the time that Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim graduated from UTS at the top of their class. I remember that was the first time Father called Hyun Jin Nim "Rev. Moon" and bestowed that title on him. Then Father had all UTS alumni acknowledge Rev. Kwak and our family as the representative family and bestowed a large flower vase as a blessing because so many of Rev. Kwak's children had gone to UTS and walked the public course. He further asked that the flower vase be replicated and sent to every region to award the model family in each continent. It was truly an honor not only for our family but for all Blessed Central Families, recognizing the tradition of families that are walking the exemplary public course. To this day, we still have the flower vase that True Parents bestowed onto our family in our living room as a reminder to that honor as well as that responsibility.

Though my family and I have deeply appreciated this recognition given by True Parents, those who know my father and family understand that what is most important to us is not such honors but the fulfillment of God's providential will. If Jin Yong Park is truly my friend, he would also know this without a doubt. Yet he defiles what we consider sacred and debases not only my family but all Blessed Central Families by attacking us with mischaracterization and malevolent accusations. Moreover, he has broken what was considered the norm in our movement by publicly persecuting a respected leader who represented True Parents, and moreover, attacking True Parent's own son, Hyun Jin Nim, even using the name of True Parents in doing so.

Jin Yong Park said, "Yes, of course" when he was asked, "Does Father approve, does Father give approval for Dr. Peter Kim and yourself to come and speak to members?" When and where did Father give him permission to make these accusations and character assassinations of his disciple and his own son? What was Father's exact direction to him? It is hard for me to imagine that True Father who has loved even his enemies gave Jin Yong Park or anyone else such permission to publicly attack and crucify his son and his disciple in front of the worldwide leadership. Would Father, who has taught true love and delivered Peace Messages throughout the world, give him or anyone such permission? Would Father who has suffered the most vicious and unimaginable accusations throughout his own life, give him or anyone such permission? No. By stating that Father has given him that permission, he throws the burden and responsibility of all his egregious actions back to Father.

He said, "How dare you question Father's authority!" I am questioning both his and Dr. Peter Kim's abuse of Father's authority and Father's name before all the sincere leadership and membership. I also question their lack of judgment in not realizing how destructive their behavior is to the honor and dignity of True Parents, True Family and all those who have loved and dedicated their lives for this movement.

He said, "Be obedient to True Parents. That's the bottom line." If he considers being "obedient" to True Parents so important that he accuses Rev. Kwak and Hyun Jin Nim to this extent, why hasn't he obeyed Father's direction for all Second Generation to attend UTS and to walk the public course? Where was he and what has he been doing for all these years until now, when he suddenly appears on the public scene as the ardent defender of our faith? Has he ever gone to the frontline in the mission field?

The ones he is accusing have walked the public course, have followed True Parent's direction faithfully, have demonstrated faith and obedience over many more years of honoring our True Parents and True Family than he has. He does not have the right to accuse someone, dishonor their life, and in so doing dishonor our True Parents, True Family and our movement.

I heard that Jin Yong Park recently sued Kyoung Hyo Kim for 8 million dollars for libel and defamation.

Should Rev. Kwak and my family sue him for what he has done to us?

Should Hyun Jin Nim sue him along with Dr. Peter Kim and other accusers who presume to read his mind, to speak on his behalf, putting words in his mouth when he is still alive and more than capable of defending himself?

Why has Hyun Jin Nim not publicly spoken out until now?

I believe he has not because he doesn't want to give credence to all this nonsense and, more importantly, he wants to protect the honor and dignity of True Parents and True Family. How much patience would it take to swallow such horrendous accusations, mischaracterizations, and lies? Please do not test that patience. How much does Jin Yong Park, Dr. Peter Kim, or other accusers know Hyun Jin Nim? They should not pretend to read his mind nor should they put words into his mouth.

I urge Jin Yong Park and others to wake up and realize the destructiveness of their behavior and make public apologies in front of the worldwide Unification community.


Jin Man Kwak 

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