The Words of the Kwak Family after 2007

Building a World of Universal Peace

Chung Hwan Kwak
January 31, 2009
Chairman, UPF
Address at the World Summit on Peace
New York, USA

On behalf of the Founders of the Universal Peace Federation, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, it is my honor and privilege to address you at the close of the International Leadership Conference and World Summit on Peace, sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation. The focus of our program is "Building a World of Universal Peace: One Family Under God."

In carrying out its mission, UPF works in collaboration with governments, faith-based organizations, NGOs, and academic institutions, providing a value-centered and God-centered vision of peace.

To restore the divided human family, we need true peacemakers -- persons who stand as sons and daughters of true love, committed to a life of service to others. There needs to be institutions, including governments, religions, NGOs, and businesses that manifest this same commitment. Such individuals and institutions are described by Rev. Moon in various ways, as God-centered, as unselfish, as "Abel-like," or as having the heart of a loving parent.

For this reason, he continually calls on each of us to transform ourselves and to develop the heart of a parent, living for the sake of others and living in accordance with God's will. On this foundation, we work to build a global movement for peace -- a "Parent UN" or "Peace UN" characterized by "service leadership" and God-centered governance.

In August of 2000, Father Moon proposed that the UN establish an inter-religious council within its system.

Father Moon has always wanted to see the United Nations affirm the highest spiritual truths and live for the sake of others, thereby becoming a God-centered UN or a "Parent UN." The trademark of such a United Nations is not national self interest, but service, cooperation, and the promotion of reconciliation and harmony among religious, racial, and ethnic groups, as well as among nations, building one family under God.

A "Parent UN" or "Peace UN" affirms the following:

God as our common origin and the source of our value and dignity the principle of "living for the sake of others" the sacred value of marriage and family dialogue, understanding, reconciliation and cooperation among people of all races, religions, nationalities and cultures multi-sectoral collaboration among representatives of governments, inter-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, the private sector, and civil society

Let us build a global movement for lasting peace and true human development. Let us each seek to develop our own character and parental heart. Let us put the principle of true love into practice within our families, our communities, our institutions, our nations, and the entire human family.

Thank you very much. 

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