The Words of the Kwak Family after 2007

Celebrating the Coming of True Parents

Chun Hwan Kwak
April 6, 2008

Rev. Kwak's speech at the True Parents' Day Pledge Service at the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace on April 6, in which he explains the significance of the holy day and reads a special letter of appreciation from a son to his father.

There were times when Father met professors in the church's early days, or when he explained his life course one-on-one to such important people as the chairman of a subcommittee of a conference of famous scientists from around the world, or when he personally addressed religious leaders. On those occasions, one of the things he would always tell them was "If a person were to empty his mind of everything and ask God, 'What is the most important thing to You? What is Your most precious wish? And what is the most fundamental factor in resolving the problem between God and humankind?,' -- that is to say, if people earnestly and sincerely prayed about these questions with an open mind, they would, one and all, receive the same answer: that it is True Parents. I've often heard God say this." Why is this term so precious? We know that the long and endless history of restoration has been for God to find the one Adam. From this perspective we have elucidated that the origin of all holy scriptures lies in the efforts to find the one Adam.

There are so few people in the world who know this. That is why so few people in the world also think of the Messiah as a couple, a husband and wife. In addition, women have been unable to find a place in the history recorded in the Bible because the focus of the providence was on Adam alone. Thus, neither people's understanding nor prayers could reach the ideal of True Parents, and history has unfolded thus until now.

If a restored Adam were to arrive again, what would he do and how would he live? In the end, Adam would have to find a perfect Eve among the potential Eves and take her as his bride, for such is the mission of the one who comes as perfected Adam.

Adam and Eve -- men and women generally -- can finally become one through this True Parents' Day. That is to say, True Parents' Day signifies the beginning of the breaking down of all walls representing evil destiny and signifies the coming together of Adam and Eve who had been separated from each other. Before this point, therefore, the union of the two sexes was remote from the blessing of God, and was, rather, the reenactment of the Fall. It added to Satan's lineage and pained God's heart. Now, through True Parents, however, the foundation has been laid on which the union of the two sexes can occur in God's presence for the first time and this can multiply and expand outward.

Next, through True Parents' Day, an opportunity has been created for Heavenly Father and human beings -- who are His children -- to come together. Unless True Parents are established on earth, God cannot come down to the human world, settle down and dwell here permanently. He cannot settle down with Adam alone or Eve alone, but only when perfected Adam and perfected Eve come together as one in true love can He finally come and dwell there. Therefore, for the first time ever, through True Parents' Day, human beings and God, who had been estranged from each other, can meet each other and the wall between us and Him break down. After establishing True Parents' Day, True Father could go on to establish True Children's Day and Day of All True Things and later fulfill the condition to establish even True God's Day. As we consider this amazing fact, we should fully understand that True Parents' Day is the day for which all humanity should give thanks and glory to True Father and True Mother forever.

While looking through some old documents, Mrs. Shim Woo-ok found a copy of a letter sent to True Father from Hyo-jin nim, and I happened to read it. I would like to read it for you today. He wrote:

Dear Father

How have you been and are you healthy? It has been a month since I came to Korea. I'm sorry I haven't written to you before. Now that I have entered the first year of high school, there are not a few problems in studying, but as I promised you. I will do my very best. Father I have turned eighteen and have entered a critical time in my life to decide my future. Father I regret each and every time I disappointed you when I was just a child. Not only did.1 not practice filial piety to the parents who gave birth to me, I let you down: just to think of it makes me feel ashamed, even if I were to die many times.

Father I will settle down now and do my very best, If I may, I would like to say something to you about the matter of your residence. Since you are working in the West, when you come to Korea, I believe you need a place to stay. Next year marks your sixtieth birthday, and in my opinion, you need not only a place to hold your sixtieth birthday party but also an appropriate place for you to stay when you come to Korea. In my duty as your son, why wouldn't I want to have you stay in the best place? When God looks down on me, He, too, will think poorly of me for not being able to give you a present for your sixtieth birthday when I am your firstborn son and should walk in your footsteps. I'm not saying this because I want to live in a nice place. Our church now has a worldwide foundation through your hard work. Therefore, I think the time has come for us to repay you. So I hope and pray that you will grant us an opportunity to express our gratitude in a small way.

We hope to serve and attend you better than any other children do their parents. In my duty as your son, how could I not worry about it? Please don't brush this aside. Thinking I am too young, but please give this some consideration. Father you have often said that it would give you enough satisfaction to see me study hard. However, that is not enough. I believe we need to prepare a residence for you, even if I have to pay for it myself. As your son. I would like to prepare a home base in your homeland, where you can reside comfortably I will regret it if I am unable to do this for your sixtieth birthday.

Many church members desire to prepare a place for you. It can be done if we came together and collect money for a fund. If there are members who cannot afford to pay into the fund. I will make up for them by working even harder. Father your sixtieth birthday is coming up. It is a precious moment that only comes once in a lifetime. I believe the time has come for you to rest from your toils. I pledge that, in your stead I will work hard and dedicate myself -- heart and soul -- for the providence, so that I may return victory to our Heavenly Father, and become a great man who can stand in the lead in accomplishing your will.

I will put this into practice, so Father please give this some thought. Please send me a prompt reply. Please make us happy. May you be healthy and well in the love of God until I see you again.

April 7, 1979

From your unworthy son,
Hyo- jin.

[Translated from Korean]

To live up to his name, which means filial piety Hyo-jin nim worked and struggled greatly to devote himself to True Parents. During this time of remembrance, we should remember him once again... I hope that we will all celebrate this day by returning glory to True Parents, who are offering whole-hearted conditions while far away. 

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