The Words of the Kwak Family from 2008

49th True Parents' Day

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 6, 2008 (March 1 on the lunar calendar)
Kona King Garden, Hawaii

The 49th True Parents' Day's pledge service and commemorative service began from 7:00 a.m. at the Kona King Garden in Hawaii. From True family, Hyun-jin nim, Kook-jin nim and Ji-ye nim, Kwon-jin nim, Yeon-jin nim, Yeon-ah nim, and Park Jin-seong nim join True Parents on this historical day in Kona Hwaii.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, and Rev. Jeong Ok Yu who is in charge of all the projects in Hawaii, all the key leaders of our movement such as leaders of providential organizations from each region, leaders from the American movement, about 110 leaders from Japan were among the participants.

It was announced that all men ware a black or dark-colored suit along with a white necktie and all the women ware in white. True Parents and the members of the True Family were also dressed the same.

The preparations was to hold a combined service for the pledge service, commemorative service and celebratory events. However, right before the start of the service True Parents gave new directions regarding the events. For the first time in history, True Mother served as an emcee for an event.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang served as the emcee for the first part of the service. He followed the usual order in having each representative offer a bow during the pledge service. Right after the prayer report True Mother, Hyun-jin nim and Kook-jin nim were called and made to stand at the side of True Father who was seated. True Father spoke extensively about the history of the civilization of the Pacific Rim era from the viewpoint of God's providence to all the participants who were standing up. Father announced that he appointed Rev. Jeong Ok Yu, Rev. Peter Kim, Rev. Yoon Sang Kim, Dr. Christopher B. H. Kim (Pyung Hwa Kim), Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Mr. Joe Tully to take up a responsibility regarding the completion of the projects centering on Hawaii and the providential perfection of the civilization within the Pacific Rim. True Father also indicated that he would serve as the emcee for all key rituals and ceremonies for now, and immediately had True Mother be the emcee for the remainder of the program. The commemorative event began officially from 8:30 a.m.

True Mother went to the emcee podium and proceeded with the program. She opened the ceremony and led the participants in the singing of the national anthem of Cheon Il Guk.

Then she had Dr. Chang Shik Yang to offer the representative prayer. As Dr. Yang's prayer came to a close True Father instructed him to include a phrase regarding the providence for liberating the fatherland. Dr. Yang rephrased the last part of his prayer saying "I fervently, fervently, fervently pray that glory be with the Father in this great providence for the liberation of the fatherland centering on Korea." The intervention and prayer showed how much True Parents' were focused on the providence centering on Korea.

True Mother then asked Mrs. Wonju McDevitt to read chapter thirteen from the Peace Messages.

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