The Words of the Kwak Family after 2007

The Seunghwa of Hyo Jin Moon

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 19, 2008
Main Address

Today we are here for the purpose of holding the Seunghwa Ceremony of our elder brother Hyo-jin nim, the eldest son of the True Family. His passing was unexpected, too sudden and bewildering for us all. Our hearts are deeply pained and we are here with a heart of repentance. His time on the earth was too short. Once you understand the Principle, you know that everybody should go to the spirit world in joy. Yet, we are here today to send Hyo-jin nim on his path so abruptly. There is no way to express our sorrow at this time. We were unable to properly attend him; we were unable to create an environment in which he could freely work to his heart's content. As a result, the pain and sorrow of losing him feels all the greater, as does our remorse as we gather here today.

All of us more or less have experienced derision and persecution as we followed the path of God's will. However, what we have experienced is nothing compared to the persecution the True Children had to face from the world. At a young age when one's parents seem like gods, the True Children had to see their parents opposed and rejected by the world for no apparent reason.

Hyo-jin nim was born with an innate freedom, a deep set of emotions, and with the hope of an ideal world of harmony and freedom where nature and humankind are one. Yet, in contrast to this, he grew up in an environment where his original nature was restrained and shackled. How great was his internal consternation! His life indeed was one of overcoming the powers of darkness and adversity while dreaming of a day of liberation and complete freedom.

Hyo-jin nim grew up facing the fierce wind that swept the turbulent years in the early days of our movement. We were unable to comfort his lonely heart, and unable to care for the grief and bitterness that filled his heart. We were unable to fully recognize and praise his life of loyalty and filial piety which he attained after overcoming such difficulties. Now he has suddenly left us.

When True Father bestowed the blessing of a special message on Hyo-jin nim, he told us not to grieve but to have greater hope. True Father indicated that Hyo-jin nim led a sacrificial life so that True Parents' true love could go beyond their children and bear fruit in God's homeland.

Whenever the providence makes great strides in its development, True Parents are always the first to pay the heaviest price as a condition; after True Parents, other members of the True Family paid sacrificial indemnity. Hyo-jin nim set an extraordinary condition with his Seunghwa coinciding with the first anniversary of a providential advancement on a totally different level when True Parents proclaimed the revolutionary era of the new Godly civilization in the Pacific Rim. He has departed on a path of becoming the lord of loyalty and filial piety and proudly takes his first steps as a pioneer from the earth to the eternal world.

We should greatly repent on this occasion today for not being able to do our best in carrying out the way of loyalty and filial piety. Let us also find new resolve and determination to comfort True Parents' hearts and to fulfill their will without fail. Let us take this a time now to express a heart of respect and admiration for Hyo-jin nim, whom we are saying "farewell" today so that he may actively support True Parents conclusive providence in heaven and on earth now from the heavenly world beyond the limitations of time and space, amidst God's eternal love-and as an example in both heaven and on earth.

Hyo-jin nim! From the eternal world, please work with Heung-jin nim, the commander-in-chief, and with your other siblings in protecting True Parents who are on earth, and become the valiant commander of the heavenly forces fulfilling God's will!

Please guide and protect your descendants so that they may enhance your name throughout the generations to come. May you always bring true comfort to the hearts of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind! 

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