The Words of the Kwak Family from 2008

Dedication Ceremony for the Yu Cheon Gung

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 14, 2008
Seoul, Korea

The dedication ceremony for the Yu Cheon Gung was held on February 14, 2008. Over 200 guests from home and abroad took part in the ceremony. Among those present were Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, international president of World CARP, the regional presidents, and Dr. Tyler Hendricks, dean of UTS.

There was a tape-cutting ceremony to officially mark the opening of Yu Cheon Gung which also serves as an education center for World CARP leadership and members.

A plaque of appreciation was presented to Mr. Sun Pyo Hong, president of Sunwon Constructions Co. Ltd, and eight others who played a key role in the construction of this building. Rev. Jin Hun Yong, director of Yu Cheon Gung gave a brief report on how the idea for building Yu Cheon Gung was conceived. True Parents named this building, Yu Cheon Gung, in hope that it becomes a palace for teachers and students to educate and be educated in joy as they come together in harmony and in play within Cheon Il Guk.

Dr. Bong Tae Kim, president of Sunmoon University, offered his congratulations saying "As we advance towards the creation of Cheon Il Guk by 2013, we are at a time where we should consolidate our determination and will for this purpose. In that light, it is good that we can have such a splendid venue for educating and raising people of intellect. I'm sure that similar places will be made from where intellectuals and future leaders of the world can be raised. Nothing is impossible if we can produce such leaders who can be of one mind and one heart in fulfilling the dream of God and True Parents."

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon then spoke for two hours. He congratulated the president of World CARP Korea and all those who worked hard in the entire process of building Yu Cheon Gung. Dr. Moon emphasized the importance of the age and pointed out that we are living in a historic moment where we can fulfill God's dream. He asked all World CARP leaders or any true leader to be prepared. Dr. Moon remarked how each and every one of us is needed by heaven regardless of our qualifications. "Now is the time to move the world. Now is the time to move the nation so that we can create 'One Family under God.'"

Dr. Moon shared how the mission that True Parents wish to accomplish before 2013 is not simply a concept or an ideal but a pressing issue and reality that he poignantly feels. He asked the audience if they were ready to realize this dream. "The most fundamental relationship is that of one between a parent and child. A child should make his parent's dream his own if he wishes to fulfill that dream. That is the reason why we are breathing and living in this age."

The dedication ceremony came to a conclusion with three cheers of eog-mansei led by Rev. Sang Gi Kwon, vice-president of World CARP Korea.

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