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Parents' Love, Conjugal Love, Sibling's Love, and Children's Love

Chung Hwan Kwak
December 18, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Peace TV

"Family" is the foundation in which we can fulfill the 4 kinds of relationship of love: Parents' Love, Conjugal Love, Sibling's Love, and Children's Love, which are love relationships of vertical and horizontal, front and back, left and right, and up and down. Father taught that it is the ideal of the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Four Great Realms of Love, and the ideal Four Position Foundation.

It is impossible to fulfill the four kinds of love all at once. Therefore, God did not create a human as an adult in the beginning but as a baby. Human beings can walk the way of love step-by-step for their entire life. God gave human beings these most precious types of love, which we can experience from the time of our birth. Then, God created every human being able to feel and understand love. We all start our life as babies and finish our life. It means that we go to the spirit world after completing the Four Great Reams of Love.

For example, there are dispersed families in Korea, and at certain occasions some can meet each other. If they were separated when they were five years old and three years old, even though they meet each other more t 30 years later, they cannot feel as bothers. Theoretically, they are bothers, but they have had no substantial experience of love and heart, so they cannot feel deep sense of brotherhood. Actually, it needs no explanation between brothers. Brothers can feel each other with their emotion, and understand each other through experience. Thus, the growth of love step by step is important in the process of our lives.

True Parents showed clearly that kind of fact of love, the principle of love and lineage for the first time in human history. And, the fact that God cannot directly contact with human beings means that human beings went out of the realm of God's love. Let me talk about the relationship between husband and wife. When husband and wife have a quarrel with each other about a small thing, how much do they feel a distance between them? The distance between God and human beings are beyond imagination.

True Parents revealed the secret of heaven step by step. Now we can proclaim True Parents as the Messiah, Savior, the Lord of Second Advent, and True Parents, but it was not from the beginning. It became possible step by step. In the late 1990s, Satan surrendered himself, and the spirit world could work in earnest so that we could get the messages from the spirit world. True Parents built a bridge between the spirit world and the physical world. The victories of True Parents can not be compared with winning a Nobel Prize. In the spirit world, they call True Parents the "Savior, the Lord of Second Advent, the Messiah, and True Parents" simultaneously.

It is a truly amazing grace that we came to understand the meaning of True Parents. We should be grateful for letting us know the heavenly secret, which even Christianity has not known. We met True Parents who fulfilled the Ideal of God's Creation, and received the blessing. True Parents also gave us the way to become True Parents. We can not love True Parents enough even we offer all we have. We are standing in the position of the core of the core of all.

We received such a precious blessing from True Parents without paying anything to True Parents. The purpose is that each one of us becomes true parents. We live to fulfill the individual purpose and the purpose for whole. Those who lived in the past could not do it on earth, but we can fulfill it on earth.

Each occasion of the Blessing Ceremony, I ask participants this question, "If one drop of the holy wine falls onto the earth, how many spirits jump into the place to drink it?". How much do spirits in the spirit world envy the holy wine ceremony on earth? I educate participants through these questions. We are the people who drank such precious holy wine. Our descendants who will be born in the future of human history will praise True Parents, and will learn and practice the teaching.

It is the miracle of miracles that True Parents are living on earth together with us, instead of our ancestors in the spirit world or our descendants in the future. How wonderful this encounter is! The life of True Parents on earth is only once, and we can be related to them on earth. We have to know this is the fortune of fortunes. We should be grateful for it. At the same time, we should know that we might suffer from a guilty conscience if we could not fulfill our responsibility in this opportunity.

Our original mind knows its preciousness, so it makes us feel that we are not enough and we are still far from fulfilling our responsibility even though we go through some trials and tribulations. Our original mind knows that we are insufficient and foolish, and have a lot of things to repent in front of heaven and the principle of the cosmos. Our position of organization or society now on earth has no meaning in the spirit world. The eternal thing is only the relationship between parent and child. With what kind of relationship of heart with True Parents will you go to the spirit world? You have to know that it is a focal point.

We have to fulfill our responsibility during True Parents' lifetime on earth. We should shorten the period until the completion even by a year. We are now still in the difficult and discouraging position, but let's march forward again courageously. (Rev. Kwak shouted with tears.) In the secular world, they talk about destiny. If we have another way to go, we can select it, but actually, we know that we are standing in the position in which we have no other choice. During True Parents' lifetime on earth, let's fulfill True Parents' desire. In front of heaven, I am very sorry that I am short of my ability and sincere devotion.

I think that each of us has to renew oneself during this Providential Jubilee Year.

True Father drew up various plans to change our organizations in the beginning of the next year. The time and providence require new organization. Therefore, we should be selfless, and make determination to correctly stand as the object partner in front of God and True Parents, the absolute subject partners.

True Parents show us an example life practicing the ideal of completing through the object partner in front of God. Now, we need to inherit the life of True Parents. I heard that True Father had privately said in New York, "Even now, I am not free." True Parents are still leading such a life as the model in front of God despite his physical situation. People in the secular world cannot understand why Father Moon hurries the work through many hardships even in the old age of misoo (88 years old). True Parents have lived focusing only on heaven in their lifetime. They go crazy about living as the object partner of true love, the complete object partner of heaven. They have walked only a straight road. We need to make determination again by knowing that True Parents confessed that they were not free even now. Your position of work is not an essential issue. How sorry and insufficient we are in front of God and True Parents!

First of all, I pledge that I would become the true object partner of true love. It would be good if you also pledge to do that. When we joined in the beginning, we envied that some members were able to talk with True Parents directly. But now, we know that is not everything. We have to become a manifestation of love. We know how insufficient we are. On reflection, it seems to me that I have just insisted on my own situation. However, how much True Parents expect from us now!

This morning, True Mother told us, "How can we say that it is precious when we hold the festival without the true owner?" During True Parents' lifetime on earth, we have to fulfill God's will to welcome the owner. Thinking about the age of True Father, let's make determination to go the way of true filial piety and loyalty with deep heart in front of True Parents.

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