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Hyung Jin Moon's Induction Ceremony as Senior Pastor of the Headquarters Church

Chung Hwan Kwak
December 1, 2007
FFWPU Headquarters Church, Korea

Saturday, December 1, 2007, 10:30 a.m. -- On the first day of the last month of the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk, the induction ceremony for Hyung Jin Moon was held at the Headquarters Church in Korea.

Thirty minutes before the actual ceremony, the main hall was already packed and overflowing with people. Those who could not fit in the main hall on the second floor were accommodated in a separate room on the first floor from where they viewed the ceremony on a screen that was prepared.

The emcee for that day was Rev. No Hi Pak, the church leader of the Headquarters Church and national messiah to Nicaragua. Rev. Pak briefly explained that the Headquarters Church serves as the center of the church in Korea, and is the root of our churches worldwide, and that the presidents of the HSA-UWC and later the FFWPU in Korea have served as the senior pastor of the Headquarters Church.

Rev. Pak then led the participants in singing 'Blessing of Glory,' the Cheon Il Guk anthem. The opening prayer was given by Rev. Mu Sang Lym, the sub-regional director of South Seoul.

Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, President of FFWPU Korea, came up to give an address to welcome and congratulate Hyung-jin nim on his induction. In his speech, Rev. Hwang explained the providential meaning and historic significance of this ceremony. He also mentioned how True Father had emphasized during the morning Hoon Dok Hae the importance of this day.

Rev. Hwang talked about the significance of the Headquarters Church saying that it was the start of our movement. He also spoke of the historic significance of the induction ceremony that was taking place on the first day of the last month in the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk, a jubilee year.

He asked for everyone to mark this day as a new beginning for our movement.

After the address there was a special performance by 'Two Rivers,' the choir that was performing each week at Hyung-jin nim's services held at Mapo Church. It was a very uplifting performance of giving thanks to God and True Parents. 'Two Rivers' will be continuing their performances at Headquarters Church. The choir was given its name by Hyung-jin nim who emphasized that the two rivers symbolized True Father and True Mother.

After this performance, Rev. Pak gave an official introduction of Hyung-jin nim and his wife Yeon-ah nim.

Hyung-jin nim was then welcomed warmly to the podium. Hyung-jin expressed his heartfelt gratitude to True Parents for their unchanging support and encouragement at times of difficulties, and for the love that they bestowed upon him throughout his life. He stated his genuine desire to share that love he received so unconditionally and direct from True Parents to the members. Hyung-jin nim was in tears and truly showed his love and commitment to the members.

Hyung-jin nim called upon the members to build a church and community that can be filled with love and focused on God's providence. He also thanked Kook-jin nim for his support in beginning his new mission and also for the love he gave to all his siblings as they were growing up.

Hyung-jin nim concluded his address with an earnest plea that they all work together in fulfilling True Parents' dream.

After the end of his address, representatives of the Mapo Church offered a plaque in show of their appreciation for the love and investment Hyung-jin nim and his wife, Yeon-ah nim, gave up to their church, and for passing on the 'V.I.P (Victory, Illumination, Peace) spirit' to the members.

Kook Jin Moon, chairman of the Foundation to Support the HSA-UWC, gave an address to congratulate Hyung-jin nim for his new mission. Kook-jin nim, who spoke in Korean, emphasized that the relationships he built during this time was a precious asset to him and thanked the members for bearing with him and showing their love for him. He made the point that the person who should lead this movement should be one who knows about and practices love.

He expressed his respect to the elder members for their sacrifices and especially for keeping up with True Father all this time, likening them to the Israelites who went through the wilderness to reach Canaan. In tears, Kook-jin nim sincerely asked the members to help them help True Parents in their mission of building Cheon Il Guk.

The final benediction was given by Rev. Hwang.

The ceremony ended with three powerful cheers of eok-mansi led by Rev. Chong Kwan Yoo.

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