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Father Has Given and Given

Chung-hwan Kwak
November 1, 2007

The following is excerpted from a speech Rev. Kwak gave to Korean leaders on November 1.

If you look at True Father's life, he has not wavered whatsoever in his purpose, he taught people and he has constantly given and given. You can see this is true even if you analyze his entire life. Never once has Father simply relied on others. Rather, he has walked a truly noble path, one in which you cannot find any trace of evil. All the while, Father has consistently inspired us with a vision of a world without boundaries, a place without barriers. We've come to the understanding that every aspect of life has to become unified and harmonized. Even then, he is not talking about becoming one simply within the framework of the Korean people; he is asking us to transcend our ethnic group, nation and race and to unify everything.

Why is that? Because Father knows God's will, there are no walls and no barriers in God's heart. Father has an absolute conviction regarding this; he doesn't waste energy worrying about persecution from the secular world, or what objections others have to doing away with boundaries. He doesn't even care if he has to go to prison; he has always rushed straight ahead.

Amongst all the so-called wonderful or great people in the secular world, no one has been able to solve humanity's problems. Father has the solutions to those problems. He has taught people those solutions, and he has a tangibly demonstrated that they are solutions.

So why does Father worry about the United Nations and work to reform it? The United Nations brings together representatives from the world's nations. Have those nations ever welcomed Father? Nevertheless, more than any nation's president worries, Father is worrying about the world's problems, which is why he wants to reform the United Nations. Because no one has responded to his appeal for UN reform, he has taken it upon himself establish an "Abel United Nations."

Father has demonstrated and has been declaring to the whole universe that God's ideal for the Blessing Ceremony transcends a simple marriage ceremony; it is the means of bringing all humankind into unity, and there is no way to make all people one unless we center on the family, which is the fundamental base for human happiness.

Just today, Father was talking about the kajang [head of a household, head of a family] of the myeon [a village and its surrounding district] and the family leader of the gun [county]. He said that because all national and global problems can be solved at the family level, all we need to do is pass on the blessing and everything will sort itself out.

What does this mean? He is asking who is supposed to be responsible for a village and explaining that simply appointing that person -- dropping them in there like a paratrooper -- or doing special favors for the one already in that position, or electing the person via some political strategy would not accomplish what is required; the role would not be fulfilled successfully.

Why not? That which is truly precious and valuable is not chosen by an election. Can you define goodness through an election? Can you select or assign your precious father and mother by spending money? Can you choose what is and what is not an absolute value by voting? No, you can't. It doesn't work that way. Therefore, from the viewpoint of God's principle, the heads of all these different levels of society should be in model families blessed by God. This is why, from the very start, Father was talking about the head of the village family, the head of the district family, and so forth. Summarizing that concept, we use the word kajang: "head of the family." Model blessed families have to become the owners, the leaders, the kajang. That's what he meant.

Then, what kind of units do we have under the myeon and the dong [urban district] levels? We have the tong [an urban ward] and the ri [a rural hamlet], and underneath the ward and hamlet we have the ban [a block, or group of houses]. That's why, for a long, long time, Father has been telling us to accomplish tong ban gyeokpa [breakthrough on the ward and block levels].

The total number of eup [rural towns], villages and urban districts in South Korea comes to 3,563. The number of wards under these comes to 93,880. So if you think about at what point our blessed families need to take up leadership of a community, and become heads of their families, well, we need to become heads of the block family. We have to be model families and become the head of a city-ward family, the heads of village family, rural-town family or city-district family. That's why his previous talk was about holding a lottery with thirteen families praying to God and becoming the head of a block-level family, then gathering model families, praying and selecting -- by lottery -- a person to become the head of the city-ward family. Then meeting with the heads of ward, praying, holding a lottery, and selecting a city-district family head, or village family head.

Where we are now is different from where we have been at other times. Now, we only need to testify to the precious message Father has been giving and people are persuaded to participate in the Blessing Ceremony. That's the situation, the atmosphere that is developing. For this reason, Father has asked that the seventeenth of every month be a day for conducting blessing ceremonies. Please remember that. All families need to be aware of this. That's the day every month to give bring your neighbors, immediate family members and other relatives and clan members and everyone else.

In the past, for a time, we gave the Holy Wine and passed on a conditional blessing. We made the conditions. Now, Father is talking about our holding actual Blessing Ceremonies. Father is instructing us to organize ourselves centering on this point. So, we have groups organized for our Unification Church members, we have groups organized for members of WFWP, for the woman ambassadors for peace and for the ambassadors for peace generally. We have all sorts of groups and organizations. Father has directed that we bring all those organizations in Korea together under an umbrella organization. I received this instruction from Father, and I have instructed everyone to gather the documentation from all directions and put it together statistically.

Father instructed that WFWP too has to have one capable and qualified WFWP member in each of the rural towns, villages and city districts (3,563 all told) and instructed WFWP President Moon Lan-young to make sure they do. Up until now, WFWP has only been able to put together a list of 2,200 members who can fulfill this role. Father told them to quickly bring it up to speed. He also instructed that the ambassadors for peace, both the men and women, be organized to create a protective fence around this network.

Father gave us this very serious instruction. So, we have to quickly follow the procedure Father laid out for our families in each of these administrative units (block, ward, district, rural town, etc).

All of you should therefore record the information in as much detail as you can, what your address is, which urban town or village, city district and ward and even which block area you belong to. Write all this down and hand the information in. We have to reorganize the various places to which you were all assigned previously and create one complete, organized system. That's our situation. Write down your contact details, including your phone number. Write down your spouse's name because you are a family. I want you all to write this down and pledge in your hearts to become model families.

Father also spoke about the governing party and opposition parties. From Father's point of view, the nation is also an expansion of the family. What role then does the governing party play? It's the husband in a couple, the father in the family. What about the opposition party? It's the wife. In family life, the husband and wife don't always have the same opinion or point of view; they will have disagreements. Nevertheless, if they don't agree, would they just go at each other with hammer and tongs? For the family to move in a good direction, the couple have to come together harmoniously to deal with the family's problems, discuss the issues and adopt the best ideas. Doing that makes a family successful.

In the same way, Father doesn't like it when all a governing and an opposition party do is fight. He also doesn't like criticism for the sake of criticism. Father wrote the lyrics for the Cheon Il Guk national anthem while he was in Pyongyang, but there is nothing in it about struggle, conflict or hatred. In the same way, Father has appeared on earth as God's substantial body, resembling in substance God's original nature, and in God, you will not find any boundary, barrier, conflict or struggle. This is Father's dream; we have to model ourselves on it, and accomplish it.

All of you district church officials and pastors here should know I have already spoken to the head offices and instructed them to quickly draw up a list for assigning leaders to the city ward and block areas. However, in reality, right now, under the current conditions, make a final decision on your actual assignment to city ward, block area, village, rural town or urban district within the areas you are now guiding.

Beloved brothers and sisters, blessed families, as well as the relatives of some people who traveled here, thank you for your effort in coming all the way here at dawn this morning. At the same time, I encourage you to have deep gratitude that you could come and see True Parents as they depart on their journey and receive this information about what path we all need to follow.

Each of you, without exception, please become exceptional models as the heads of your families, and establish model families in your own right. I pray that you become the recipients of even greater blessings from God. Thank you very much. 

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