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Special Leaders Rally for Launching the Restoration of God's Homeland

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 30, 2007
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center -
FFWPU International

Tuesday, October 30, 2007: 3,150 Ambassadors for Peace, national messiahs and their spouses, church leaders and their spouses, executives of the providential organizations and local hoondok church leaders gathered in the main hall of the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center.

There was nationwide interest for this event as True Parents had specifically called for this gathering. There were some concerns from the local church leaders as True Parents had mentioned that they would be educating the participants equally regardless of whether they were an Ambassador for Peace or a member.

Amidst a colorful autumn landscape surrounding the training center in Chung Pyung, the participants began to arrive. As if purified by the beautiful natural environment and spiritual atmosphere surrounding the training center, people had smiles on their faces as they greeted each other.

In a packed hall, True Parents entered the stage with a firm expression filled with confidence and determination. Father spoke for a lengthy four hours and showered the participants with words of guidance and blessings. He emphasized that "If Cain and Abel can be united, they can become like babies -- babies who fervently seek God, their parent. Everyone loves babies."

He explained in detail of the historical enmity and friction that existed between Cain and Abel, and that unless a source is established that could make us into babies whom God could conceive in his womb, we would have nothing to do with God regardless of any achievements or accomplishments we produce.

Father also emphasized that the most important providential task is in finding that origin that can produce the original seed of a baby. He reiterated that humanity should have descended from a lineage centered on God and the mind. He reminded us, however, that mankind is decedents of a lineage centered on the body and that this is the reason for all the troubles that arose.

He asked the participants to create that source which can produce the eternal and original lineage. He reprimanded the Ambassadors for Peace saying that there were many Ambassadors for Peace who still carried a lot of baggage. He warned them that they will end up in hell if they do not rid themselves of such baggage. Father was quite direct when speaking to the Ambassadors for Peace.

Yet, still he treated the Ambassadors for Peace as if they were his children, and as people who bore the fate of Korean on their shoulders. Though he harshly reprimanded these leaders they all listened to Father respectfully.

Some of these Ambassadors for Peace were not used to sitting on the floor for long hours, which has become somewhat of a culture in our movement. Yet, none of them left their seats; they all focused on True Parents and expressed their determination to fulfill their heavenly mission of restoring their nation by raising both hands and pledging before heaven -- a sight that was quite impressive.

Mentioning the recent establishment of the Abel UN Father predicted that it would not be long before the world becomes one. He also challenged the participants saying that they should first take a critical and objective look at themselves if they wished to fully understand Rev. Moon.

Father also stated that the Pyunghwa Hoongyeong would become well-known throughout the world and become loved as the "Peace Bible" by the people of the world. He emphasized that we should all keep it as a guiding post in our lives.

After True Father's speech, there were a number of special lectures by the heads of the providential organizations. They further clarified and explained some of the important points Father talked about to help the Ambassadors for Peace better understand True Parents.

Mr. Gi Wan Lee, an Ambassador for Peace, gave his impressions of the gathering saying "They say that with every crisis lies an opportunity. Coming here made me realize that this is truly a time of hope and that now is the time for this nation to make great leaps towards becoming the center of this world by riding on the tides of heavenly fortune. It also gave me time to reflect on whether I should just submit myself to the current in history which is coming to a close or if I should entrust my life to the sun that is now rising in history. I am truly grateful for this educational opportunity that can now enable me to make the wise decisions at such crucial and transitional time in history.

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