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Ceremony to Commemorate the Completion of the First Phase of Constructions for the Gimpo Aerospace Industrial Complex

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 18, 2007
Times Aerospace Korea, LLC

In just a year and four months since the groundbreaking ceremony that took place last year on June 10th, the Times Aerospace Korea, LLC hosted the "Ceremony to Commemorate the Completion of the First Phase of Constructions for the Gimpo Aerospace Industrial Complex" on October 18th, 2007. More than six hundred officials from the local and oversea aerospace industry took part in this day's ceremony.

Some of the guests who were here that day include: True Parents, Hyun-jin nim, Hyung-jin nim and his wife, Ji-yae nim, In-sub nim, Moon Soo Kim (governor of Gyeonggi province), Yong Sub Lee (Minister of Construction and Transportation), Mark Poland (Vice-president of Sikorsky Company), Frank Di Pascual (Vice-president of Sikorsky Company), Gyeong Gu Gang (mayor of Gimpo city), Gi Nam Kim (rear admiral of the second division of the marine corps), Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, Mr. Dong Moon Joo (President of Times Aerospace Korea), and heads of providential organizations and companies of Tongil Group. The ceremony began from 3:00 p.m. There was a pre-event entertainment, the official ceremony and a tour of the facilities.

Rev. No Hi Park, regional director of west Seoul, was the emcee for this day. After all the guests of honor were introduced, Mr. Byung Jin Min from the T.A. Korea gave a brief report on the past developments. Mr. Dong Moon (Douglas) Joo gave the welcoming remarks and conferred awards to the representatives of companies and organizations that contributed to the completion of the first phase of the Gimpo Aerospace Industrial Complex. Mayor Gyeong Gu Gang gave the welcoming address followed by some congratulatory remarks from Minister Yong Sub Lee, Governor Moon Soo Kim, and Vice President Mark Poland.

Mr. Dong Moon Joo explained that "One year ago, the place I stand here today was a desolate land littered with rocks and covered with weeds. Now, however, the Gimpo Aerospace Industrial Complex is taking its first steps in becoming a Helicopter Service Center equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and towards a brighter tomorrow."

He also acknowledged the founder's contribution "In particular on behalf of all of us, I would like to extend my appreciation and respect to the founders, the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, for presenting a new vision for the helicopter industry and the rising aerospace industry, and for their unwavering commitment and support."

In his address, Mayor Gang emphasized that "it is significant that we are able to hold this ceremony for the completion of the construction of the first stage of this aerospace industrial complex which will grow to become the finest and greatest complex in Korea and Asia. It will serve as the cornerstone for the development of the aerospace industry, which has seen dynamic growth as one of the main axis sustaining the growth of the world economy including China and the nations in South Asia."

Minister Lee also expressed similar views saying "With the completion of an aerospace industrial complex in Gimpo, Korea now has a foothold in advancing to become a nation that leads the state-of-the-art aerospace industry.

Governor Kim expressed his best wishes for Times Aerospace Korea and hoped that Gimpo Aerospace Industrial Complex becomes the world's finest and greatest aerospace industrial complex.

After the speeches, Vice president Frank Di Pascual from Sikorsky conferred a certificate acknowledging T.A. Korea as a Customer Support Center of Sikorsky's S-76 model.

After this ceremony, the emcee welcomed True Father to the stage for the founder's address. Before he began his speech Father asked Hyun-jin nim to sing for the guests. Hyun-jin nim sang "If I can dream" and gave an introduction of Father to the guests.

Father briefly touched upon the significance of this day: "Today, Times Aviation Korea is taking its first steps. Today is a meaningful occasion from which a new base will be built in Korea to launch this nation's aviation and space industry beyond Asia and toward the world. Now that I have concluded thirty-four years of conveying God's message outside of my homeland of Korea, and have returned to my country, I decided to offer a product of western society as a gift to my homeland. This gift is one of the most advanced science and technology industries."

Father also spoke of his investment in the field of science and technology saying "In order to realize an even distribution of technology, which has been one of the ideals that I have been advocating throughout my life, in the 1960s I invested in the Tongil Heavy Industries that was based on the ship-building industry and on state-of-the-art automobile technology from Germany. I have also invested in the aviation industry, which of all industrial technologies requires the most precision, through Times Aviation Korea which receives the technological support of the Sikorsky Company based in the United States. I have also contributed to the spread of technical education by supporting the establishment of the Jilin Institute of Technology located in Jilin Province of China, and by supporting Sun Moon University in Korea and Bridgeport University in America."

After Father's address there was ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the industrial complex.

After the official ceremony the guests of honor were taken on a tour of the facilities. In a separate room Father bestowed the calligraphy "The creation of God's homeland and the perfection of the returning the hometown back to heaven."

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