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Rally of the Cosmic Federation to Initiate the Liberation of God's Fatherland - Proclamation of the Path for Building the New Divine Civilization Centered on God

Chung Hwan Kwak
October 14, 2007
FFWPU International

On October 14, 2007, the "Rally of the Cosmic Federation to Initiate the Liberation of God's Fatherland" was held to commemorate the victory of the establishment of the Abel UN and the 57th anniversary of True Father's release from Hungnam labor camp in North Korea. The rally began at 1:00 p.m. and took place at the Asan Campus of Sun Moon University.

The event was organized and hosted by the Universal Peace Federation and Family Federation for Peace and Unification under the theme "The Complete Settlement of the New Divine Civilization and the Arrival of the Age of Absolute Peace."

Blue skies blessed this day as 50,000 prominent figures, ambassadors for peace from all walks of life, and members of providential organizations gathered to culminate a series of rallies presided directly by True Parents for ambassadors for peace in Korea from October 6th to the 12th. Also included among the participants were some 200 participants of the International Leadership Conference which was being held at the Lotte World Hotel in Seoul.

From 12:00 noon, a number of famous Korean performers and singers came to the stage to heat up the spirit of the participants. The official event began at 1:00 p.m. The emcee for this day was Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, president of FFWPU Korea. The opening prayer was given by Rev. Dow Soon Lym, chairman of the Unification Movement in Japan.

Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, gave the welcoming remarks. In his address Dr. Kwak explained the relationships between True Father and the UN saying, "Father Moon's life course has been intertwined with the United Nations. The United Nations was established as God's providential instrument in realizing humanity's hope, an everlasting world of peace, the peace kingdom centering on the returning lord and true parent." He asked all participants "to spread heaven's new message centering on the teachings for peace, the Pyunghwa Hoongyeong and giving the blessing to 120 families," and to "become courageous warriors for realizing an everlasting world of peace where no barriers exist between religion, race, ethnic groups, language and nationality."

True Parents were then introduced to the stage. True Father spoke on "A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will: The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the World" the same speech he delivered at the launching of the Able UN on September 23.

At the beginning of the speech True Father mentioned that his record for reading the entire speech was thirty-eight minutes but that it usually took more than an hour because he would add some explanations as he read the speech. In this tone, Father began his speech.

In the midst of his speech, True Father asked how long he had been reading. Rev. Hwang replied forty minutes. Saying that he had used up his time, he welcomed True Mother to the podium and had her read the remainder of his speech. True Mother elegantly yet powerfully delivered the speech.

At the end of the speech, a Korean representative and a representative from the ILC came up and offered a flower bouquet to True Parents.

The event was closed with four cheers of eog-mansei led by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the regional president of North America 1.

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