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Seventh Year of Cheon Il Guk Summer 40-Day Witnessing Activity

Chung Hwan Kwak
July 18, 2007

Ref. No. FFWPUI 2007-36

To: Regional Presidents, National Messiahs, National Leaders
CC: General Affairs Department, Witnessing Department, Church Leaders
From: FFWPU International Headquarters
Date: July 18, 2007
Re.: Seventh Year of Cheon Il Guk Summer 40-Day Witnessing Activity

May God and True Parents' love and blessings be with all leaders in each nation who are working hard on the frontline for the complete settlement of Cheon Il Guk. This is to announce the start of the summer 40-day witnessing activity in the Jubilee year, the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk, which will be the first year of the sacred reign of peace. Blessed families worldwide should fulfill their mission and role as tribal messiahs before Heaven and all humanity in this jubilee year.

Summer 40-Day Witnessing Activity in the Seventh Year of Cheon Il Guk

1. Meaning and Purpose

1) To substantially carry out the complete settlement of Cheon Il Guk by proclaiming the glory of our victorious True Parents, the king and queen of peace in all nations, to the whole world in the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk, the first year of the sacred reign of peace, which is also a jubilee year.

2) To prepare a standard as a reborn citizen of Cheon Il Guk through the special grace allowing the inheritance of the rights of lineage, realm of the harmony of siblings and rights of ownership achieved centering on the three generations of the True Family

3) To create one world under God through the blessing of all the people of each nation with the assistance of volunteers from the three central providential nations of Korea, Japan and America

4) To bring victory in the activities of tribal restoration and tong ban gyeokpa (breakthrough in local outreach) through the Blessing Ceremony for all people

5) To uphold the historical tradition of the Summer 40-Day Witnessing Activity inherited from Korea, and strengthen the influence of our church through witnessing results

2. Period: 20 July - 28 August 2007 (40 days)

3. Participants: All members over 16 years old worldwide.

4. Purpose of witnessing

1) For each family to complete the organization and education of 36, 72, 124, and 430 tribal families

2) For each family to bring at least three guests to a (5-day) Divine Principle workshop and find one spiritual child

3) For each nation to complete the blessing of all their citizens through the Blessing Ceremony and rallies in 13,320 locations

5. Main Contents of Activity

1) Tribal restoration activity (tribal organization activity)

Tribal Divine Principle workshop implementation
Find members for hoondok groups

2) Revival services and Divine Principle workshops

Each church to hold revival services on at least three consecutive days
Implementation of Divine Principle workshops (1-day, 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 21-day, 40-day)
Witnessing-each family to find at least one member
Each church to implement revival services and evening Principle workshops

6. Mobilization guidelines (Choose one of the following three options for activities)

1) Generally, registered mobilized members are to work in their respective mission areas in Korea, assigned to them at the end of their registration blessing workshops.

2) Return to one's hometown to develop tribal messiah activities

3) Where circumstances render it difficult or impossible to witness in one's assigned mission area, one can apply for leave from the mission area church leader to witness within the area of the church that one is attending.

7. Special Prayer Condition

1) Method: Conduct all-night vigil prayer, pray in relay, or other forms of conditions in each nation.

2) Purpose of the Condition:

(1) For the long life and safety of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and other members of the True Family
(2) For the victorious fruition of God's providence and establishment of the ideal of peace in heaven and on earth with the start of the great jubilee year and sacred reign of peace
(3) For the victory of tong ban gyeokpa and tribal restoration in each nation
(4) For the completion of the blessing to all citizens through the blessing rallies in 13,320 locations in each nation
(5) For the successful launching of the Abel-type UN which is to be held on September 12, 2007 on the occasion of the second anniversary of the founding of the UPF.

Chung Hwan Kwak
International President

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