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WCSF 2007 - Global NGO Peace Seminar

Chung Hwan Kwak
July 6, 2007
Seoul, Korea

Global NGO Peace Seminar was held on July 6 at the Conference Center in the Korean National Assembly Building in Seoul, under the theme "Global Peace Expo Initiative". This event was sponsored by UPF International, The Washington Times, United Press International and the Segye Times. Around 600 people, including Korean national assemblymen, foreign diplomats, ambassadors and leaders of Korea's growing NGO community, Bishop Abel Muzorewa from Zimbabwe, and former Belarus President Stanislav and Dr. Irina Shushkevich, participated in this historic seminar.

Master of the ceremonies Mr. Song Kwang-seuk, president of YFWP-Korea, opened the first part of the ceremonies, began the seminar, introducing some of the VIPs among participants. This was followed by two welcoming address by Hon. Kim Hyuk-kyu, and Dr. Kwak Chung-hwan, Chirman of the UPF International and United Press International.

The Hon. Kim Hyuk-Kyu, a senior Korean congressman, welcomed the group to Seoul and to the national assembly. Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak briefed delegates on the progress of the World Culture and Sports Festival. He said: "...The Global Peace NGO Seminar is a symbol of humanity's historical hope for peace. The seminar will serve as a venue for initiating a global Peace EXPO for the purpose of connecting civic organizations with peace initiatives that we see around us in the global community.

... The solidarity built between the world's citizens for the sake of peace will lead to solidarity between governments and corporations and will ultimately culminate in the Global Peace EXPO, which will contribute to the realization of a world of everlasting peace..."

After that, there were two congratulatory addresses given by the Hon, Park Jong-keun, Congressman and Sir James R. Mancham, Founding President of the Seychelles.

After a video presentation of True Parents' worldwide work for peace, Dr. Moon Hyun-jin nim, Chairman of the WSCF 2007 Organizing Committee and President of The Washington Times Foundation, gave the keynote address. He spoke of the vision first announced in Hawaii by True Parent, of "One Family under God," and the prospects of the coming of a new era of peace in the 21st Century, centered on the Pacific Rim.

He said: "...The 20th Century was the most violent and bloodiest hundred years in human history, and the 21st Century has gotten off to a difficult start, with terms like 9/11 and Darfur finding their dark place in history. The keys to humanity finding peace in this still-new century will not be found in the old centers of power centering on the Atlantic Ocean, but rather in the Pacific Rim, where 5 out of every 6 people on earth now live.

"...My Father's vision of One Family under God is a vision shared by every religion and faith on earth, Whereas in the past religions and theologies have often divided the human family, this is one dream and one vision that can bring us all together. Without an acknowledgement of the role of the divine, he said, the United Nations and other world institutions would miss an extraordinary opportunity for peace..."

Prof. Park Heung-soon of Sun moon University, as master of the ceremonies began the Second part of the event. There were two presentations, by Prof. Lee Shin-hwa of the Korea University and Dr. Eva Latham, President of the Dutch NGO Human Rights Teaching International.

Professor Shin-Hwa Lee of Korea University spoke on "Peace and security in the Pacific". She said: "Although the Pacific Region is relatively free of traditional conflicts and threats to security, there are in fact many non-traditional threats to the region that demand urgent attention. These include environmental pollution and resource depletion, and in particular the possibility of a water crisis fueled by the region's explosive population growth and economic progress..."

Dr. Latham told the group that despite the challenges, the prospects for peace would remain bright as long as there was clear communication. She charmed the audience with an account of how she felt walking in Korean markets and meeting people. And although most Koreans didn't know where the Netherlands was on the world map, she only needed to mention the name of countryman Guus Hiddink, the former Korean national soccer coach, for instant recognition and smiles. She said:

"The same technology that makes such little interactions possible will transform society from the bottom up...

...A new transnational coalitions of citizens are emerging, knowing each other around the world, as in a village. This process of bottom up is rapidly reducing the distance between people in every sense of the word. These are some of the big things going on which one can observe and which are helping to make the global village a real possibility."

This presentation was followed by with two comments, by Prof. Kim Il-soo of Chung-buk University and Dr. Thomas Walsh, secretary general of UPF international, and an explanation of WANGO's mission by Mr. Taj Hamad, Secretary General of WANGO. At the conclusion, the Global Peace Seoul Proclamation, which had been signed by all participants, was brought out on to the stage.

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