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Two Projects Of World Carp - Applications By May 30, 2007

Chung Hwan Kwak
May 11, 2007

Ref. No. FFWPUI 2007-21

To: Regional Presidents, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From: FFWPU International Headquarters
Date: May 11, 2007
Re.: Announcement regarding Two Projects of W-CARP

We pray for God and True Parents' blessing and love to be with all continents, nations and providential organizations as we create the sacred reign of peace in Cheon Il Guk, the realm of cosmic peace.

This is to announce the details of the two projects of W-CARP for the purpose of developing and strengthening the foundation of youth-student movement in each continent and nation. Regional presidents and national leaders should render their full assistance in these projects.

I. Meaning

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) was established as an alternative model to the existing UN in order to realize the peaceful world of Godís eternal ideal of creation. In line with this providential development, a youth-student movement should be substantially developed for national restoration by creating a worldwide Abel-type collegiate base, and thus developing W-CARP chapter in each member state (192 nations) of the United Nations by the year 2008.

II. Details of Two Projects

1. W-CARP International Leadership Training Program (ILTP)

This program has been operated by W-CARP HQ for last several years under W-CARP President Dr. Hyun Jin Moonís guidance. This time W-CARP HQ would like to improve this program in order to develop W-CARP chapter in every nation, because leadership is the most crucial success factor for that.

1) 2-Year Course Curriculum Overview

The curriculum in W-CARP ILTP is designed to provide trainees with a foundation of field experience, insights, knowledge and abilities in the international level to achieve success in a wide range of W-CARP missions in any country.

Fundraising Leadership
Witnessing Leadership
Adventure-based Training Leadership
Public Speech
Service-based Activity
Collegiate Ambassadors for Peace (CAP) and Stringer of UPI

2) Expected Program Output

W-CARP ILTP will provide the certified skills and experience in USA for two years, expecting that ILTP trainees can:

Strengthen Alignment to God, True Parents and True Family and embody W-CARP Leadership Standard
Gain victorious experience to uplift oneís personal excellence through challenging limitations in intensive daily training in frontline mission
Become strategic leaders in their W-CARP chapters as well as W-CARP missionary to develop W-CARP chapter in every nation
Support W-CARP international activities through financial contribution

3) Candidates

FFWPU Young Leaders
W-CARP Leaders
W-CARP College Graduates

4) Details of Admission

Submission of candidates list with application forms: May 30, 2007
Screening: June. 1-10, 2007
Start Visa process / insurance: middle of June, 2007
Orientation in USA: July 22, 2007

2. W-CARP Alignment Workshop (AW)

This workshop will provide the opportunity for leaders to build alignment to the Vertical Axial Line (God, True Parents and True Family) and to fulfill the vision and goals of W-CARP. W-CARP HQ will organize the "W-CARP Alignment Workshop" in each continent for national CARP leaders as well as youth leaders in youth sectors. W-CARP already successfully held several workshops in Southeast Asia (Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore) and Europe throughout the last year, 2006. Depending on local needs and field situation, the duration and operation of the workshop will be adjusted.

1) Workshop Framework

Workshop is utilizing the methodology and contents of following components such as: "New Leadership Paradigm for the Settlement Age: Special 21-day workshop with Hyun Jin Nim" held in 4 locations in year 2001, "W-CARP Adventure-based Workshop" held in 2003 and 2004, the bi-annual "W-CARP Strategic Alignment Meeting" so that the workshop can provide transformative experience for all participants and provide many effective tools to review and leverage the existing operations and leadership and to help accelerate the fulfillment of W-CARP mission effectively.

Participants will sign on the Leaderís Pledge and receive with graduation certificate at the closing ceremony of the workshop. W-CARP HQ will audit and work with leaders who of national CARP to progress of development of W-CARP movement in respective country.

2) Expected Participants

Leaders of national CARP as well as Service For Peace, YFWP and we also encourage leaders of the Unification Movements to participate this workshop.

3. Inquiries

Mr. Koichi Nohara (Director of Leadership Development, W-CARP HQ)
Mr. Aya Goto (Senior Vice President of Strategic Operation, W-CARP HQ)

Chung Hwan Kwak
International President

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