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Restoring Eden

Chung Hwan Kwak
May 1, 2007

As a former president of the Family Federation, I would like to say a few words about what we might be thinking about on this deeply meaningful day of commemoration. I believe that everyone would agree and has reflected deeply on the fact that HSA-UWC was not created from the will of a person, but from God's divine will. Therefore, I believe that how much we respect that root and how much we plant that root in our lifestyle as FFWPU members is important.

It is important that we be determined to maintain certain practices in daily life: To honor God in our hearts, to maintain the habit of attending Him in daily life and to monitor how much of each day's twenty-four hours we keep True Parents in our hearts. Since the Family Federation was established according to God's will we need to think about its history and how it will develop in the time ahead.

When we analyze the reality of the providence we are encountering and consider its meaning. if our viewpoint is even slightly mistaken, it is easy for me, as it is for you, to have feelings about FFWPU that are based on the secular world's measuring stick and to evaluate it according to the viewpoint of ordinary society. I have personally experienced these things, and I am determined not to make these mistakes. As we celebrate our fifty-third anniversary, therefore, we need to look at things from the viewpoint that we are to build Cheon Il Guk, which is a completely different, new heaven and new earth.

We must look from the amazing viewpoint of attending True Parents eternally as the eternal king and queen after the coming of heaven, instead of seeing them merely in light of the parent-child relationship. Today should be the day to repent for how erroneous our thinking, our viewpoint, and our habits have been -- repeatedly connected to humanistic thinking and to the viewpoint of ordinary so society. In front of True Parents, who have declared the beginning of a new civilization, we should pledge to develop ourselves more.

I don't know how it is with all of you, but even when I look back at my experiences, I've had difficult times, lonely times. I have been in situations where I couldn't express my innermost feelings and had to keep everything to myself. When we look at these occasions from a purely human perspective or based on society's point of view, the circumstances that exist in society and the logic pervasive there, there have been times of distress and heavy ordeals after which it is hard to get back on one's feet.

Yet when we turn this around and measure these against God and True Parents' standard, and when we seek to resemble True Father based on that standard, there is no difficulty; there is nothing we cannot overcome; no river that we cannot cross. We realize that all the matters that we cannot bear or feel burdened by are actually our own thinking, humanistic thinking. As members of this organization that God created we should not think in this way. In saying these things, I would like everyone to collectively decide to develop more, to return to purity; and to become better today than yesterday; better tomorrow than today.

The Family Federation's starting point was the Garden of Eden. That is why in this new age, what all aspects of the movement centered on HSA-UWC, FFWPU, and UPF have to do is re-create Eden. The restoration of Eden means that in the end, the spiritual and physical worlds are restored, become one, and become the peace kingdom. Having this destination leads us in an unchanging direction. There is no other course but to go this way.

That is why we always have to learn from True Parents by looking at Father's life course and his daily life, which do not waver in any situation. In so doing, we need to inherit Father's objectives centered on the original, vertical axis of the parent-child relationship between God and human beings.

This year, especially, don't we feel spiritual energy when True Parents talk about lineage -- God's lineage -- during public meetings, during Hoon Dok Hae, even at the dining table? How seriously and how freely they take charge of heaven and earth!

In light of that, they have to restore God's bloodline and restore the Garden of Eden. When, within these principles, we understand this development, we can understand that this is not one denomination or some kind of religious organization. Because True Parents longed to remove such a nametag, they created the Family Federation, and (on the next level) the Universal Peace Federation, as well as many organizations in addition to these. Even now, they are busily working, and their work always flows from the same conclusion about the bloodline and receiving the blessing, which is that not one person should be left out.

As blessed families we should cut off any conditions for Satan to hold onto us. Next, although we are inadequate for the tasks before us, lack qualifications and have many faults, we should wash these problems off again, resolve them, and make ourselves proper once again. True Father is always thinking about that country, that world, that lineage of God, that world of one family -- while emphasizing righteousness and this nation -- centered on the family that was conceived of and visualized as the original Garden of Eden.

Because he is doing so, on this occasion of offering our congratulations on the founding of the Family Federation, isn't passing on the lineage the most important thing FFWPU has to do? I'm referring to the blessing. At this point, because we are all members of FFWPU, I'm saying that we need to once again muster the determination to be intensely active in giving the blessing, which is the original, fundamental purpose of FFWPU's existence. We express in different ways that the realization of the kingdom of heaven is externally the restoration of the national sovereignty and so forth, but in the end it is a matter of harvesting fruits.

Next, fundamentally, FFWPU was founded as the root organization in the process of achieving Father's overall intention for the central providence. Since 1995, everything has been turning toward the age of the Universal Peace Federation. What this means is that Father is restoring the bloodline.

Next, thinking deeply about how to accomplish that, he is trying to bring everyone to live in God's lineage. Yet this is not the kind of restoration of Eden that concludes with Father judging and destroying secular people who do not live up to his expectations. Because we lost the lineage, Eden will be restored only when what was formed through the fallen lineage goes through rebirth, and is cleansed and saved.

That is why Father could not bring himself to judge the world, which has constantly failed to follow him. He suffers and works so hard because he has been a parent toward others from the outset and because even, fallen children are his children. What is needed to restore them, this cannot be achieved with activities that go only in one direction, only through church activities. He has to cover 360 degrees, working in all directions. He has to go from the world level to that of heaven and earth. Father's frustration lies there. He invests his whole heart because these times call for urgency. The reason for Father's anxiety lies here. For this reason, no matter what field we are active in -- covering whatever aspect of Father's multidirectional work -- we should unite and connect together.

Now, an age of a new beginning is being declared. During this time, the significance of the declaration of this age is that each of the foundations that Father has created until now, covering all 360 degrees, is at the point where it is fully assembled and has achieved a conclusion. In light of this, we are celebrating the fifty-third anniversary of the founding of FFWPU today.

Father has created many organizations for the restoration of Eden, yet these are not what Father really wants. What Father wants is the restoration of Eden. That means to restore the bloodline through the blessing and to complete the three kingships though the family. Everyone should be restored to Eden, which is to be filled with these ideal families. When such a time comes, we are each engrafted through the blessing to God and True Parents, who are the true original root, and to the True Family, the original trunk. What Father requires of all families and FFWPU members is for everyone to attain victory through accomplishing the three kingships.

Our destiny is not just for ourselves, our sons and daughters and grandchildren. This destiny has to he connected to countless generations, who all need to receive the same sap from the tree. That is why every one of us, centered on original, true relationships, should embody the core of what Father is working to restore, the Garden of Eden. In order for ice to melt, its temperature needs to reach the melting point, right? When we become those who induce that melting point, as we, the families who have received the blessing, steadily grow in number, won't the ice gradually melt and Eden thus be restored naturally?

But the restoration of Eden cannot be achieved only through its external attributes. The reason Father created all these organizations and is carrying out these very visible activities is to connect everything together. When we come back to the root, it is the family.

The anniversary of the founding of our church is a day to solidify our determination to maintain this tradition to the end.

I am speaking in the hope that we may become people who will fulfill our responsibilities and in this way think deeply about the meaning of this commemorative day in front of God, True Parents and the True Family, who, through us, long to be able to make the future brighter than the past.

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