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Rally to Declare the Beginning of a New Universal Civilization of Peace

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 3, 2007
FFWPU International

First Declaration of "A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will".

With the dawn of the providential jubilee, True Father is now beginning a tour in Korea for the purpose of declaring the beginning of a new universal civilization of peace. This tour has begun from April 3 and will last until April 25th. True Father will speak in 25 locations of Korea including Seoul, Gwangju, Daejeon, Busan and Jeju.

The rallies will be hosted by the Universal Peace Federation and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. The purpose of these rallies is to declare the start of the providential jubilee and the beginning of a new universal civilization of peace, and to announce the advent of the Pacific Rim era and the culture of women.

True Father's emphasis is that we complete the organization of 120 tribes and to bear fruit from the 12,000 ambassadors for peace speaking tour to incorporate the realm of the Cheon Il Guk civilization into our actual lives.

The first of the rallies took place on April 3 in the Changwon Indoor Stadium in Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea. More than 9,000 ambassadors for peace from Gyeongsangnam-do were gathered that day along with guests, relatives and friends of the local membership.

The program began with entertainment, then a reading from the messages from the spirit world. A Holy Wine ceremony and Holy Burning ceremony was held for all the participants. Some of the speakers that day were Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak and Mr. Pan Do Pak, a member of the provincial council of Gyeongsangnam-do, who gave the welcoming address.

In his address, Dr. Kwak introduced Father saying:

Rev. Moon is someone who knows the origin, purpose and direction of human history. He has a clear view of the progress of time and the order of things existent in the cosmos which combine the earth and the spirit world. He is the king of peace, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who is entrusted with God's full, all-encompassing and exclusive rights…  Rev. Moon is now proclaiming the beginning of a new universal civilization of peace, and we are given the honor of being a part of this incredible time.

Dr. Kwak explained the meaning of this rally saying:

Everything before and after this era for the beginning of a new universal civilization of peace will be turned upside down. The era before heaven has passed with the advent of the era after the coming of heaven… The false world of evil and sin centering on Satan and the world order under the evil sovereignty shall be destroyed. A world of goodness and the truth centering on God, the good sovereignty and new order will emerge.

He also explained to the participants that "The earth and the spirit world has been harmonized and united as one. The spirit world has come into our awareness and our lives more than any time before." "Any individual or group that promoted hate and strife by building walls between religion, nations, people and race in the era before heaven will now follow the path of decline." "The pacific rim civilization and era of women has arrived," and emphasized that they should "understand the providential significance of the Korean peninsula which is the center of the realm of the Asian civilization in the Pacific Rim. Let us all expand the realm of blessing to the sphere of life of our families, tribes, and environment, and become the leaders in creating a unified world of everlasting peace."

Mr. Pan Do Pak emphasized that the issues of peace and happiness is something that must ultimately be resolved." He emphasized the significance of this rally saying "we should find the answers of the problems created by the walls between race, nations, religion, and ideology, in this rally," and praised Father for his efforts saying that "the rally today comes on the foundation of Rev. Moon's many initiatives to realize peace in this world, and I believe that this rally will guide us toward the path of peace and happiness." He congratulated Father for his 88th birthday and prayed for the health and long life of both Father and Mother.

The keynote address for that day was delivered by True Father. He delivered the same speech that he gave on March 17 in Kona, Hawaii to representatives from 120 nations. The speech was entitled "A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will: The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the World."

The schedule for True Father's 25 city tour:






April 3, 2007


Changwon Indoor Stadium


April 4, 2007

North Seoul

Olympic Hall


April 5, 2007

South Seoul

Olympic Hall


April 6, 2007

South Gyeonggi-do

Suwon Indoor Stadium


April 7, 2007


Incheon Indoor Stadium


April 8, 2007

North Gyeonggi-do

Olympic Hall


April 9, 2007


Gongju Indoor Stadium


April 10, 2007


Daejeon Multi-purpose Stadium


April 11, 2007


Chooncheon Indoor Stadium


April 12, 2007


Iksan Indoor Stadium


April 13, 2007


Mokpo Indoor Stadium


April 14, 2007

No Event



April 15, 2007


Gwesan Indoor Stadium


April 16, 2007


Busan Indoor Stadium


April 17, 2007

True Parents' Day



April 18, 2007


KBS Ulsan Hall


April 19, 2007


Daegu EXPO


April 20, 2007


Gwangju Indoor Stadium


April 21, 2007


Pohang Indoor Stadium


April 22, 2007


Jeju Convention Center


April 23, 2007

East Seoul

Olympic Hall


April 24, 2007

West Seoul

Olympic Hall


April 25, 2007

National Rally

Marriott Hotel

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