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Special Instructions From The World Leaders Assembly On The Occasion Of True Parents Birthday

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 9, 2007

Ref. No. FFWPUI 2007-9

Date : March 9, 2007
Re. : Special Instructions from the World Leaders Assembly on the Occasion of True Parents Birthday

We pray for God and True Parents' blessing and love to be with all continents, nations and providential organizations as we create the sacred reign of peace in Cheon Il Guk, the realm of cosmic peace. This is to announce the special instructions given during the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2007, which was held in Korea from February 24-26 in conjunction with events commemorating True Parents birthday.

Studying and Making Use of the Language of Cheon Il Guk Korean (Hunminjeongeum) meaning: proper sound to teach people

1. All leaders and members must be able to read and understand True Father's speeches in Korean.
2. The standard notations to be used in official memos: First priority to use Korean. What was marked as: 1, 2. 3 should now be marked using Korean characters.

Special Instructions from the World Leaders Assembly on the Occasion of True Parents' Birthday

1. The era of establishing the absolute realm We must launch an era of creating a united realm between the subject partner and object partner with the True God, who is the subject partner of true love, on the individual and conjugal levels, and eras of establishing the family, nation, world, cosmos, a sphere of life united with the Parent of Heaven and Earth, and a united realm of heart. This era begins from the stage of creating unity between the individual, mind and body, and unity between God and ourselves. Such individuals, men and women, should fulfill the Blessing to create a realm of the era of a united couple, and extend this from the era of establishing the family to an era of establishing the united realm of heart.
2. The era of establishing absolute values - the ideology of perfecting a world centered on the center. There is only one absolute realm not two. Without becoming one, you cannot stand in the same location. You can stand within God's realm only when you stand within the absolute realm. Yet, without a center, the absolute realm cannot exist. It begins from you when your mind and body are united as one. The principle or ideology of living for the sake of others can be established within the absolute realm. Only then can an era of establishing absolute values be formed from the individual to the cosmos.
3. The era of establishing the realm of absolute happiness. From now on, you must never be sad or have a tearful face. We have now gone beyond the realms of liberation and complete freedom and have entered the source of the seed that is purified to its roots. Consequently, as we have entered an age of joy, eternal life, happiness and pleasure; an era of absolute freedom, happiness and pleasure; an era of happiness and pleasure focused on absolute happiness; an era of absolute and complete freedom, happiness, and pleasure, we, as the owners of Cheon Il Guk, must live in the era of establishing the realm of absolute happiness centering on the True God and the True Family.
4. The era of establishing the realm of absolute fruition. You must become fruits that can be bequeathed to future generations. The lineage is the fruit of love and life. You must now become fruits that can be bequeathed to future generations. Through the Blessing, the homogenous race of the Mongolian Peoples must be brought to fruition by becoming a lineage during the era of establishing the realm of the lineage. The realm of absolute fruition must be created from now. This realm is about establishing an era of the family based on the four-position-foundation and three object partners; next, it is creating 12 siblings, 72 families, 1.2 million families and lineage covering 4.34 million families. You must build missionary foundations in foreign countries, complete the distribution of the absolute blessing, and establish the realm of absolute fruition and perfect absolute unity and rest. For this purpose, all blessed families must transform the satanic foundations in their mission nations into God? fruit through the Blessing.

Guidelines for Providential Activities in 2007

1. Spreading the International Cross-cultural Blessing Ceremony to the World

1) As a Blessing ceremony that transcends religion, nations, races, and people
2) As a fundamental solution to the difficult problems of the global community and as the only way for saving the world and nations
3) To spread the Blessing to the general public and to the world through the participation of national leaders, beginning with the ambassadors for peace and their children
4) To realize the ideal that all of humanity are siblings and that the world is one family
5) To actualize the kingdom of a peaceful, ideal world

2. To bring the true family movement based on absolute sexual ethics, purity, pure love and pure lineage to the general public

1) To establish sexual ethics through the pure love and true family movement to stop the family breakdown and thereby actualize the realm of the blessing ideal fulfilled in three generations
2) To tie this movement together with ideologies, culture and sports in spreading it to the general public

3. Spreading and establishing the sphere of a Hoon Dok Hae-based life

1) To spread Heaven's tradition, the Word and the ideal culture of goodness as they were intended at the time of the Creation to our families, tribes, society, nation and world through Hoon Dok Hae
2) If we are diligent in doing Hoon Dok Hae, our families will be upright and our tribes and those around us will be naturally restored.
3) All blessed families should make Hoon Dok Hae the first priority in their daily life.
4) The Hoon Dok Hae texts are a comprehensive guideline

4. A Life of Gratitude.

All members should be grateful for the value of the grace they received through the Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families Special Workshop for a New Beginning, and lead a life of faith that substantiates the ideal of God and human beings united in love through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

5. Perfection of the Realm of Three Generations

All members must cultivate their spirituality and character by upholding the absolute sexual ethics of purity, pure love and pure lineage and realize the ideal of the realm of three generations in accordance with the completed realm of the three generations of the True Family, which is God? model for the ideal of creation.

6. Actualizing Cheon Il Guk

All members should create the ideal model of Cheon Il Guk blessing activities for our tribes and in carrying out tongbankyokpa (restoration of our sphere of life) within our own families and expand this to our tribes and neighbors to ultimately actualize Cheon Il Guk.

Administrative Matters

1. Administrators of Laptops Given Out During the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2007

The laptops that were given out to each nation during the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2007 are not meant to be the personal property of or to be taken care of by the recipient. The laptops are an asset belonging to the headquarters of each nation and should be taken care of by the national headquarters. The laptops distributed to the Regional Headquarters and Korean missionaries are to be assets belonging to the Regional Headquarters. As such, regional presidents and national leaders should include the laptops that were distributed as an asset to be managed by the headquarters.

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