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Practical Guidance For The Year

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 26, 2007

The following is excerpted from Rev. Kwak's address to the participants of the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly on its final day. After outlining the basic problems facing Korea and the world, Rev. Kwak spoke about True Parents' vision for the work of the movement in the corning year and beyond. This included the ways in which our efforts can most fruitfully support the unfolding providence at this time, from both an internal and external viewpoints. During his talk, Rev. Kwak mentioned some of the major events planned for the current year, including Divine Principle lectures for parliamentarians, and the World Culture and Sports Festival in the summer.

The brand name that Father is so proud of is the cross-cultural blessing. This is the era of famous brand names. The cross-cultural blessing is a global brand name that no one can compete with. It's as if it were patented. This is a precious product, a gift from Heaven. We should wrap it nicely to create a wonderful effect. As such, it is the best medicine in the world for the future of humanity. Everyone knows this.

Specifically; the ceremony is international, inter-religious and interracial in its scope and is being carried out by Father on behalf of God. No one else has dreamed of doing this. Presenting it with pride is part of establishing Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, to overcome that fundamental and essential challenge, we must make a foundation; to do so, we have to make the cross-cultural blessing a famous brand and express pride in it to the rest of the world. We must find very good people to be blessing participants, educate them, bless them, and take care of them properly, thus firmly establishing the culture of the blessing. This is not the responsibility of the headquarters or the Blessed Family Department alone; blessed central families must become models and take pride in the blessing. We can do this.

From this viewpoint, the most important task for us in 2007 is to make the cross-cultural blessing into a world renowned brand. According to what Father has said, to guide and convince our families, to bless our relatives as tribes, we must become good examples, role models, for them. This time, Father called children of ambassadors for peace to participate in the Blessing Ceremony. Father wanted to hold it before True Parents' Birthday, so we held it on February 22. Even though there were not many of them, it was the first time in history that children of ambassadors for peace participated in a Blessing Ceremony. (Applause)

One of the events of the World Culture and Sports Festival (WCSF) in July this year there will be a Blessing Ceremony. We have to work hard and spread the word so that the children and relatives of the ambassadors for peace can participate. We see that there is great potential for this. Those who are hearing this idea for the first time may wonder how we can do this, but if we invest some effort, miracles will happen. This time, surprising things happened in the matching.

Seen from the outside, the ambassadors for peace are important leaders, but they worry about their children, some of whom have been unwilling to marry even though they are getting older. Therefore the goal of [bringing their children to) the blessing is the "gospel" for them. Please boldly implement this idea. The blessing is the realization of the peaceful, ideal kingdom, so we must work hard to introduce it to the sons and daughters of ambassadors for peace. We must do this multi-dimensionally, throughout the world. This is our most important international task.

My second point concerns getting the word out to young people. Many young people in the world are not living in the right way; immoral values have corrupted them. We must raise public awareness of the message of absolute sexual purity, abstinence, pure love and purity of lineage. This is the true family movement. To do this we have to educate the parents of young people, and the young people themselves.

I've told you about the success in St. Lucia. In many nations, we already are giving Pure Love presentations, with enormous effect. To do this work entails not only recommending a pure lifestyle to others; we must exemplify this ourselves with three generations of our families clearly demonstrating pure love. Otherwise, we cannot become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. This is my explanation of the second mission for all the world's Unificationist families.

The third thing we need to do is substantiate Cheon Il Guk. We are not talking about only establishing it in the spirit world in the distant future. Nor is it to be a future heaven on earth. Father is determined that this be completed by the end of 2012, so that Father can report it to God on January 13, 2013, and announce it to all of heaven and earth.

Because Father has declared this already; we cannot postpone it; nor can we depend on others to do it for us. This is something we must do. We must integrate this into our lives, our actions and our families to manifest Cheon Il Guk.

For this purpose, Father has a number of points for us to fulfill. We have to spread the Cheon Il Guk lifestyle to everyone, gradually getting to the point where it is deeply ingrained in our families. This is so that we can become leaders in the Cheon Il Guk lifestyle. We can do this by incorporating the traditions of Hoon Dok Hae and longair-gycokpa (activities to breakthrough in the neighborhood and community) into our daily lives. Hoon Dok Hae is the means by which this lifestyle will radiate from our family; to our tribe, to our neighborhood; we need it to radiate throughout our realm of life.

Father has said that families that take part in daily 5:00 AM Hoon Dok Hae will not have problems. Though doing Hoon Dok Hae may be difficult, we must guide the members under us to adopt the practice. With that in view, we need to cooperate in producing good Hoon Dok Hae material and make it a practice of our daily lives; all families should use the materials and keep this tradition. We need to produce a lot of Hoon Dok Hae material this year.

This morning Father told us that we should always include messages from the spirit world in Hoon Dok Hae. Father told us not to just carry on a day-to-day existence, but to live with the spirit world. That's why we should read the messages received from the spirit world. Our world is not separate from the spirit world; we should be reading the messages that the leaders of different religions have sent from that world... Reading messages from the spirit world should be included in our Hoon Dok Hae sessions so that we have a relationship with Cheon Il Guk.

We should be determined to fulfill our internal and external goals, so that our families can follow through with them. The first thing we need to recognize is how precious it is to have gone through the New Beginning workshop. We had been influenced by dirty elements, and because we have to enter Cheon Il Guk this grace became necessary. It is pitiful and heartbreaking that although we have received the precious blessing from True Parents, we still needed to go through this workshop.

Who is capable of liberating us, if True Parents had not? We should not forget the grace given by True Parents as we make a new beginning.

Even after God bestowed the three blessings on Adam and Eve, something went wrong before He could bless them in marriage. We could also have the same problem. For that reason, we should deeply appreciate the value of the blessing, and we should keep the blessing as God intended. Who can liberate us? In the time of the realization of Cheon Il Guk and its liberating grace, we should appreciate the depth of God's grace that we have received.

Adam and Eve had responsibilities to fulfill after God bestowed the three blessings upon them. As they were then, we are now at the beginning point and have to preserve and be grateful for this grace twenty-four hours a day. We can then receive the benefit of that kind of cleansing.

I heard something surprising from Father -- even with the complete cleansing of the New Beginning workshop, a scar remains. If we made a serious mistake, even after reporting it a scar would remain that everyone in the spirit world can see. What are we to do?

Having a scar like that would be a mark of shame. It is not so much a matter of our feeling shame, it is that God and True Parents would feel bad at the sight of that scar. If we offer devoted loyalty, achieve results and set conditions, before someone sees the scar, the filial piety; and the devoted investment can be shown off like beautiful silk clothes. If people see the brilliant clothing before seeing the scar, they'll be caught up in that and the scar will go unnoticed.

From now on, we must dedicate ourselves sincerely, reach the standard of absolute faith, and achieve results. Who can be proud in front of God? Who can be confident? From now on, we have to make extra effort with sincere dedication, so that we can have visible achievements in our neighborhoods. That is the tribal messiah's mission; we have to fulfill such criteria. We should be grateful. If we don't feel any ingratitude, even for one day, ours will be positive lives in which we will reap the harvest.

The next thing we need to realize is that even if Cheon Il Guk is made substantial, if we are not a part of it, God's heart of love will be empty to that degree. We have to establish Cheon Il Guk and all blessed families have to be a part of it.

Our spiritual body should be absolutely pure, absolutely moral, and expressive of pure love and of the pure lineage. We have to become pure, loving husbands or wives, practicing absolute conjugal love, in a pure bloodline, in pure relationships as couples and as sons or daughters. As family members, we must practice absolute sexual purity, exude pure love and maintain a pure lineage. Spiritually mature people are people of character.

If that is made real for three generations, it constitutes the achievement of a three-generational realm in a true family. Before we speak to non-Unificationists, we have to emphasize this within our own families, and be determined to progress. Once we achieve this, we can reach our third goal, completing the model of true parenting, an ideal family over three generations, which is the goal of the blessing.

Next we can move on to the tribal sphere, which constitutes those whom we meet in our daily lives. The tribal sphere is the tribal messiah's mission field.

Speaking of the "realm of life" means holding Hoon Dok Hae in our neighborhoods and restoring people there. In immersing ourselves in that activity, we are contributing to the realization of Cheon Il Guk in answer to Heaven's call.

That we owe a great debt to True Parents is evident in the Principle; we have to remain clean, organize ourselves and live with humility. Because of Satan, True Parents have set up many conditions. They have established many conditions that we know nothing about. We cannot comprehend how deeply determined Father is. He has led others on the frontline and even at eighty-eight he has not relinquished first place to anyone. He wants to work harder and devote himself more sincerely. Personally I think it would be fine if True Father no longer worked hard or set conditions, but he continues to do so for our benefit. Father is paying a price because of Satan. We need to he more determined than anyone else is in the world.

Finally, to realize Cheon Il Guk with True Parents, we have both an internal and external agenda. Something that we must share, as the family of the Unification Movement, is confirmation of our basic methods and principles. We think we know, but we have to reaffirm these things in order to make headway.

I would like to say something about this. We are talking about the vision of Cheon Il Guk. The ideal vision is centered on Godism, the ideology with God and True Parents' will at the center. Centered on that idea, the specifics of which are becoming clearer and more extensively understood, we can see the primary tasks we need to fulfill. In our Unificationist family, what does realizing Cheon Il Guk and working so that God's will can be manifested on earth mean? In all of history, this is the most valuable concept. This is Godism, the ideology centered upon True Parents, and head-wing ideology.

Based on this ideology, what purpose do we all, myself included, have to share? It is that of being citizens of Cheon Il Guk, both as individuals and family units. Then it is becoming a Cheon Il Guk society a Cheon It Guk nation, and finally a world bound together in unity, connected to the spirit world -- one family under God. This is our purpose.

To realize this, to have an awareness of our heavenly calling and the position we are in, this is a declaration of our mission, our creed, and the articles of faith we have to live by to fulfill our purpose.

The first section of this declaration states that for the realization of Cheon Il Guk -- which was God's goal in creating humankind -- we have to live a life of absolute faith, love and obedience to the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

The second section states that we have three basic standards of behavior that have already been given to all blessed families. All families have to be built from an absolute conjugal relationship and pure love in the family. They have to indemnify the historical regret of Cain and of Abel, respect one another and enter into relationships that do not violate human rights. They have to transparently manage public money, public items and the natural world as a truly loving true owner.

Third, through the Hoon Dok Hae tradition, which True Parents have given us, we can inherit a Godly lifestyle. Through the cross-cultural blessing, we will increase, embracing the whole world and making one community of blessed families. All this must resonate in our bones, in our hearts. Our primary task is to focus on the organizations and nation we are working in.

In the short-term, each providential organization must accomplish the goals it has set up for 2010. As a global movement, we should follow a course directed at fulfilling Father's will to renew the UN through the Universal Peace Federation and reach toward management on the global stage. The mid-term goal we must address is how to complete the peaceful reunification of North Korea and South Korea, our providential homeland; how to unify and restore this nation centered on True Parents. Our long-term goal is to build God's kingdom in heaven and on earth.

Concretely, therefore, we can focus on issues pertaining to our locality, our society and nation. Later we can focus on UN-related work, on world peace, which stems from interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. As responsible people, we all have fields we have to put our minds to, but all Korean members and all blessed families have to pray and dedicate sincere effort, whether directly or indirectly, toward the unification of North and South Korea and a joint North and South Korean election.

Respected senior elder brothers, dear loving brothers and sisters, what great fortune is coming in 2007! We who have followed God's will for decades must devote ourselves fully for a few more years and together we will see the fulfillment of God's will. Through God and True Parents, heavenly fortune comes to us for the work we are doing, and the fortunes of Korea and the world are connected to this good heavenly fortune...

Please think about True Father's age of eighty-eight years. If we consider that True Father has declared that we will conclude everything by 2012, we should have the mindset each day that this is the final battle for True Parents' liberation and complete freedom. With that in mind, we can go forward one day at a time until 2012.

Therefore, our determination and attitude at the beginning of 2007 are important. If each of us just thinks about himself, will we achieve oneness of mind and body? How difficult this path is! Based on our own resolve, we speak about having absolute faith and absolute love. Yet without building a real foundation of absolute faith and absolute love, it is hard to unify our mind and body.

Then, as families, how are we to complete the tribal messiah mission through inheriting True Parents' victorious realm of three generations? In the local community where we live, how are we to bring about a society of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values through our local level activities and hoondok family churches? How are we to restore heavenly sovereignty in our nations? It is we, not someone else, who must restore a nation to God.

Therefore, by 2012, there must he at least one restored nation, perhaps several. Only then will Father's universal proclamation to the world be possible. Based on such a principle, and centering on the internal and external agenda, we should, more than anything else, make a new start with a fresh mind and do our very best.

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