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Doing What Has Never Been Done Before

Chung Hwan Kwak
January 21, 2007
New Beginning Workshop
Chung Pyung, Korea

I hope this will he the most meaningful workshop in your lifetime. About this special grace and amnesty, I would say it is amnesty without any condition attached. Father explained that Haebang indicates that time and payment are necessary to become free whereas Sobang is used when time is not needed to offer an indemnity condition though you still become free, especially from the sins you have committed -- even erasing all trace of those sins.

All the sins of the past are being erased through this special grace and amnesty. Father even wants to erase those sins from memory. This is exceptional grace. Among all the grace that has been given, this is the greatest -- that is no exaggeration.

Furthermore, all of you attending this workshop are receiving this special grace and can start living freely according to the original order of creation. I want to explain to you how this special amnesty could come to us, according to the view of the providence.

Our True Parents bequeath true love, true life and true lineage to us. Moreover; they came to fulfill God's providence. Since the Fall, the history of God's providence has been imperfect. No one has ever fulfilled the purpose of his or her creation. Not one.

All the providence must be fulfilled by our True Parents; therefore everything related to True Parents falls into one of two categories -- if it does not fall within the providence, Father cannot even take one step toward it; but if it falls within the providence, Father will charge in at the risk of his life.

This is what I want to explain today. In their course of life, our True Parents are indemnifying vertical history horizontally in Father's lifetime of eighty years. The value of our True Father's life is enormous. The six thousand years of God's providence is being restored and indemnified through the eighty years of Father's life. The entire six thousand years is equal to the length of Father's life.

In 2001, with the Coronation for the Kingship of God, the Cheon Il Guk Era opened. We have twenty-four hours in a day; just as was the case a hundred or a thousand years ago, but in terms of significance, a day today, compared to the past, can carry the value of a thousand of those past years. In terms of the providence, in our lives, it is as if we were living a thousand years or even ten thousand years. That is how important being part of the providence is.

The invisible God is revealed in two ways: One -- through all that He created. Through that, we come to know and understand God. This is explained in the Principle of Creation. And two--God's nature is expressed is history, which we learn of through the providence of restoration. We come to know God through the creation and through examining history.

That is, something only holds eternal value when it has to do with the providence; nothing else holds eternal value. If something happens that is part of God's providence, no matter how long ago, no matter how small, it holds eternal significance.

What was the time that affected history the most? It was the time of Jesus. While Jesus was on earth, how many people did he witness to successfully? Out of all the people who had followed Jesus, only one remained. Jesus came as the second Adam. During his short, three-year ministry; he even performed miracles, such as restoring sight to the blind; yet when he was hanging on the cross, how many remained with him? Only one, Mary Magdalene. She allowed Christianity to live, and it has never been snuffed out.

The most controversial novel and movie of recent years was The DaVinci Code, which mentions Mary Magdalene. That such a book was written two thousand years after the event teaches us that what is connected with God's providence has eternal significance. Had this woman not met Jesus, she would have been completely unknown.

Today we are living with True Parents, who came to fulfill God's providence. In 2007, the value of life is eternal. We are living through one-thousand years or ten-thousand years. You and I are not living just through an ordinary lifespan in terms of the value of life...

We are living a meaningful life, not because we have a lot of money, power or fame; a person whose life had incredible value is sitting beside you. Is he or she great, or not? The value of a thousand or ten thousand years! Why don't you talk to each other? Say "You are a great person." This is half of the problem. I am not making this up -- these things will be seen as true through history.

You cannot deny God's existence... God is alive; God's creative process is observable in history. The last step toward completion is from 2001 to 2012, when we will be building up Cheon Il Guk substantially. In that way; you are part of the providence; your life is eternal. The way to greatness is not easy; we want to love eternally. Yet, how should we do that?

Let's look at our True Parents' path. The registration blessing was the blessing received as a family unit, as a completed four-position foundation. The four-position foundation is the fulfillment of the ideal toward which God created. So up to the point before we received the registration blessing, we were fruit hanging on True Parents' tree, but since the registration blessing we have been independent -- the fruit fell off and we became our own selves, fourth Adams. The third result is that, through the Fall, hell was created in the spirit world. Those people need to be restored...

So this is restoration of all things, restoration of humankind and restoration of the spirit world. Religion, even prayer, has to end; then will only be order according to the original principle of creation. The time came to report, not in the name of Jesus or True Parents, but in our own names now, in the position of God's children. This is an incredible change in the providence.

It is rather like our not being able to sense the motion of the plant Earth in its orbit around the Sun; we cannot perceive the movement of the providence, because it is so vast.

From January 13, 2001, the coronation for God's kingship was offered. It was an incredible change. The ideal of God's kingship began from there. At the conclusion of 2001, God's kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, appeared.

Among the many advances in the providence in 2002, the climactic conclusion is that through the Holy Burning Ceremony; the true owners of Cheon Il Guk appeared. In 2003, the True Parents emerged as the good ancestors of humankind. God's providence came to visible fulfillment on True Parents' Birthday, when the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Coronation of the King of Blessed Families were held.

When we were preparing this birthday celebration I received instructions to also prepare for True Parents' Holy Wedding. Some people asked me, "Why are they getting blessed again? They have already received the blessing," and "Are they really going to wear wedding clothes?" I was curious as well, but Father said we had to prepare as if a young man and woman were marrying.

Their marriage blessing ceremony' was held. What was the meaning of that? I did not know before the event. After that wedding, Father told me that this ceremony marked the registration of True Parents' marriage.

You can see how meticulously Father is walking the path of the providence. In 1960, although their marriage was registered, it was registered in front of the world, not in front of God's kingship. In 2003, they were blessed under the kingship of God, in order to establish Cheon Il Guk.

The conclusion is that in 2003 our eternal parents finally appeared before all humankind. At the conclusion of 2004, True Parents became the king and queen of peace. In four years, the internal foundation for Cheon Il Guk was created.

As we are at the time of the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk, 'True Parents are accomplishing many things. One, as you know, was the establishment of the Universal Peace Federation in 2005. According to True Father, this organization is needed in order to build the peace kingdom. In inaugurating UPF, True Father traveled to nations all around the world. Even at the risk of his life, he took that course. By establishing the Universal Peace Federation, he was establishing the environment for Cheon Il Guk.

Also, in order for Cheon Il Guk to be substantiated, there was the entrance ceremony into Cheon Jeong Peace Palace and their crowning as the king and queen of peace. It didn't signify a change of residence for True Parents from Hannam-dong. It was of much greater providential significance. That is why you need to listen carefully.

We say we want to build Cheon Il Guk; that's a big project. It's a dream that has existed not just in the hearts of members; the same dream, living in freedom in a peaceful world, has been held by all humankind. All religious, diplomatic, military, cultural, political and media activities have all been aimed at that purpose. There have been many revolutions, which came about in many ways, but that clear result has never been accomplished despite all that effort.

No one has been able to realize the dream that we are working to fulfill. Imagine how large a job we are trying to do. Is what I'm saying true? Therefore the people who are working for this great task are great people. Tell the person beside you, "You're a great person." People have died for this, engaged in war for this. There have been so many efforts, but the dream remains to be accomplished.

We are striking out to accomplish this. We have big dreams, big ideas. We are doing the most important thing that needs to be done. That's us. How are we to achieve what no one else has? It's not imaginary. Its not just ideals, like the dreams of a communist. They had a dream for seventy years and killed so many people in wars but were unable to make it real.

How are we thinking of doing this? By using True Parents' methods, using only godly ways. Past efforts have all begun centering on human beings. Yet, religions can't do this, even Christianity, which is considered the most prominent religion. Christian leaders have caused wars. We cannot have war. Christianity has even caused war, so in the fundamental teachings of Christianity, there are winners and losers -- a line is always drawn, and the only way you can receive salvation is by joining the Christian church.

How about Islam and other religions? Other religions also resort to battles. But True Parents say this should not be. We have to save all people, and we have to take an inter-religious route to realizing this. What are the methods that God uses? The Principle existed before True Parents did. It has existed from the time of Creation. True Parents clarified the Principle again and what God was seeking to accomplish through the Creation.

The ideal God envisaged at the Creation must be realized through a family, a family four-position foundation... Once this has been replicated and such families fill the earth, God's ideal begins to take root. This is where the Principle is great. No religion, philosophy or political ideology includes this. A family is the core, the center of the peaceful world; when the substance of this family, this four-position foundation, is expanded throughout the world, this ideal can he realized...

Cheon Il Guk is the substantiation of God's ideal, which begins with the family. If this pattern is realized first and spreads into every corner of the world, it is the realization of the Principle of Creation. True Parents have been carrying out the providence according to the Principle. First, the foundation is built; that was signified by their entering the peace palace.

God has been preparing for six thousand years, Christianity for two thousand years and True Father has been personally preparing for eighty years to become the king of peace, the good ancestor. And they did not just enter the palace; there was a process.

Externally UPF was inaugurated; internally True Parents endured throughout the inauguration tour. God, Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel and three generations of the True Family were involved in these tours. True Mother inherited the legacy of this foundation gained by Father. The True Children, in an internal position, inherited this and the ideal was established through the Holy Wine and Holy Burning Ceremonies.

Because of all this effort, the entrance into the peace palace could take place, but was it a simple process?

True Mother's tour of 120 nations was not a simple task. Did Adam's family inherit faith? Abraham and Moses' time and that of other central figures have passed. Jesus wasn't able to build the four-position foundation, so that had to wait until True Parents could achieve it. For the first time in history a True Family was established, by True Parents.

This foundation was substantiated with their coronation. God's providential course is to bear both incorporeal and corporeal fruit -- the right way to live and a world without borders. What I'm explaining here is the building of Cheon Il Guk, in which the first four years is for foundation building and represents spring.

The ensuing four years. 2005-2009, symbolize summer. The focus here is how the substantiation will take place. First, all nations must erase their borders and come together under the Universal Peace Federation. Second, a substantial settlement must take place centered on the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace. This is the significance of the entrance and coronation ceremonies. Third, within the True Family's' the providence of three generations had to be carried out.

True Mother toured all those nations with a mother's heart, with her children and then with her grandchildren. How serious a time this was! If you look at Father's speeches, he says that at the age of eighty-eight, he doesn't know when he will go to the spirit world. This might he his last tour, he said. He said that he would clarify the secrets of Heaven. This is from the peace messages.

True Father risked his life to complete the tour; True Mother did the same. We just sit and watch. There are extremists and radicals around the world who are observing True Parents. These tours were risky...

True Mother, representing True Father, was able to complete the providence of mother-child cooperation. With the True Grandchildren also taking part in the Blessing Ceremony, she was able to fulfill what Eve could not, to bring together the realms of Abel and Cain.

This providence was inherited by three generations, as you could see, with three generations going to different countries on their speaking tour. Within True Parents' family, the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk took place over the period covering June 2 to October 14, 2005. The process of Cheon Il Guk's substantiation started with the four-position foundation and expanded over three generations, which had to be attended all over the world.

True Parents are now completely settled in the Peace Palace on the foundation of this victory. The prototype has been established. God created Adam and Eve, and they created Cain and Abel. The eternal dream God has held regarding I his creation can spread now throughout the world.

Why was Jesus the Messiah? Why am I not the Messiah? It's simple. The Messiah is someone who brings God's truth into the world. God created with the word. Adam and Eve fell through rejection of the word, and the Messiah recreates through the word.

The Messiah must bring the word of truth. True Parents have gone through the formation, growth and completion stages. The Holy Wine and Holy Burning Ceremonies took place. The twelve tribes were established. True Parents have instructed that a second Cheon Jeong Peace Palace be built. And they have given us Aju.

Where do we go from here? How do we realize Cheon Il Guk? The True Parents, True Children and True Grandchildren have now settled. Once the prototype has been established, how can it spread throughout the world?

Up to now, political, economic, societal, cultural, and all other methods have been inadequate to the task of establishing peace. How can True Parents accomplish this? In pursuit of this, Father decided that after the three-generation world tour was completed all blessed families worldwide should receive forgiveness. What does this mean?

The foundation of victory needs to spread throughout the world. First, through the blessed families' four-position foundation we will inherit this, so that this kingship can be established. So all blessed families need to be cleansed of their many sins in order to constitute the core. This special forgiveness is given in order to spread Cheon Il Guk. You are seated in a place of inheritance.

Why are you here today? Did you come because you were asked to come or because you were told you would receive blessings? This is a place of inheritance. What are you going to inherit? The substantiation of that which has taken place in the True Family -- the realization of Cheon Il Guk -- will be inherited here. True Parents are forgiving all of our past, erasing it from their memory; so that all blessed families have a clean slate.

God's kingship must be substantiated, so all of you must become true blessed families. Couples must have absolute love. Parents and children must share true love. This must be inherited over three generations and the Family Pledge must be realized.

God's invisible grace is now going to take root in each of our families, so that we can make a new start. This is the meaning of this workshop. Do you understand? Sudden change has to take place. Ladies, if the man sitting next to you is your husband, and men, if the woman sitting next to you is your wife, turn to that person and say, "I will do better." This is where you can inherit the substantiation that took place within the True Parents' family.

How can this be developed and spread throughout the world? Who is going to inherit it from us? Christianity will first. Why? There is God, Adam and Eve and three generations. Events will follow the same pattern.

Who is Eve? Japan is in the position of the restored bride, and America is in the position of the restored eldest son. That is why 120 ministers from America were sent to conduct rallies throughout the world. The eldest-son nation, America, sent out its 120 ministers to the world to declare the peace kingdom.

Then 1,200 religious leaders from throughout the world will hold brotherhood and sisterhood ceremonies. Until now, there have been divisions between men and between man and nature. Through the cross-cultural blessings, different nationalities are to be brought together, especially those who are from nations that are or have been enemies.

By April 17, each country should prepare peace ambassadors without regard for their religious and cultural background. They are to establish the order of the culture of heart. This is what True Parents see as a substantial, borderless global family; a global community. Providentially, our task today is to answer the question, how will Cheon Il Guk be realized? How are we going fulfill what has never been done before?

The eternal ideal of the Creation had to settle on earth as the four-position foundation and spread into every corner of the globe. From June until October 2005, this took place.

The first step is the blessed families, then the Christians, then on to the wider religious realms. Will Cheon Il Guk be realized or not? If I speak of it like this, you gain some sense of it -- what we felt couldn't be done in the past we are, step by step, coming to recognize as possible. The conclusion of each peace message is the same. We have to succeed our True Parents.

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