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European Youth Department is looking to recruit 2nd Gens members to support in different area

Geros Kunkel
July 13, 2011

Dear 2nd Generations,

For the upcoming year (2011 – 2012) the European Youth Department is looking to recruit some Second Generation members to support our team in different areas. Below you will see a few basic points concerning those who want to work as staff for the European Youth Department. They will be able to work to support the different areas, such as STF, the ESGD, the Blessing Department and other areas. Please feel free to forward this information to anybody who may be interested. They may send in an Application with a CV to me.

European Youth Department
c/o Geros Kunkel
Alt Sossenheim 63
65936 Frankfurt


Geros Kunkel

European Youth Department Director

Basic requirements to work in the European Youth Department

For the new year 2011/12 (September 2011 –September 2012)

Must be 2nd Generation (Unification Church Blessed Child)

Must keep a healthy spiritual life, including commitment to a purity lifestyle (that includes no dating) and strictly refraining from alcohol, any substances (drugs) and smoking.

Must be at least 21 years old

Must speak good English

Driving license (If possible)

It is an advantage

To be a graduate of a Unification Church mission program (STF, YSI, DONE)

To have a history of involvement in local community (HARP, CARP, Unification Church etc.) 

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