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Latest News -- Parents matching Convocation - Parents matching Convocation for East Japan and West Japan

Geros Kunkel
November 27, 2010

Concerns all 2nd Generation 17+

Dear Parents and 2nd Generation,

We would like to inform you that in December there will be 2 more Parents matching Convocations. 11. -- 12. December for East Japan and 18. -- 19. December for West Japan.

Again it is possible to display profiles of matching candidates there. Anyone who is open to be matched with someone from Japan should use this opportunity to display their profile there. If you wish to display a profile in Japan, please inform Orlande Schenk by the 5th of December.

Please also fill out and send the attached simple questionnaire. You can send all information, pictures, etc. to her. The easiest way to do it is to update your profile on and the Japanese BFD can then print your profile from there. If you have any questions concerning this please contact Orlande. You can also send individual pictures, forms, texts, etc. for display separately or additionally.


Geros Kunkel
European 2nd Generation Blessing Department

If you need the simple questionnaire, please use the file linked here.

If you need the blessing application, please use the file linked here. 

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