The Words of the Kunkel Family

True Parents' Matching

Geros Kunkel
October 8, 2010

I just wanted to write a very short report about the matching here in Korea. Father really shocked us all this time and we are still in the process of understanding in detail what happened.

Basically when we came to the Palace, Father came almost immediately to match us. First there was some singing, then Father divided the group in two halves (He asked us to fold hands and those whose right thumb is on top of the left was one group and the other were the other group, each divided in brothers and sisters.

Then he said that the candidates should choose their own spouse from amongst the other group (boys with right thumb up to a sister with left thumb up). Of course he gave more explanation that that, but in an email too much to write. But finally all candidates had to find each other themselves, Father did not match a single couple, he even didn't want the couples to bow to him afterwards, he wanted them to take ownership and responsibility, of course he guided them in this process and explained a bit about it. And after a while, when just over half were matched he left and let them continue themselves until all were matched.

From Europe all 11 found a spouse.

I just wanted you to know, I will try to discuss with others here and understand what this all means. As surely when people hear about this it may cause confusion and it is important for us to understand in detail what it means. Surely ALL candidates here are CIG standard and we really prepared them to have faith in True Parents and be ready to accept anyone, so surely this is a special setting in which Father can work to recreate the standard in the Garden of Eden. But they weren't expecting this.

I think they had enough faith for Father to challenge them and go this way, which was surely more difficult for them than to be matched by Father. We are deeply moved and impressed and also excited, as this is really new and a big surprise for all of us.

I just wanted to make sure you get the info from me rather than hearing all kinds of rumors…

All the best,


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