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European Treasures of Heavens ministry meeting 2-3 April 10

Rainer and Chieko Fuchs, Lisa Janssen, Geros Kunkel
January 2010

Dear National Leaders and Blessed families,

We would like to announce that the first European Treasures of Heavens ministry meeting will be held in combination with the upcoming European Parents Matching Convocation in Germany, Grävenwiesbach, at Easter 2010.

Treasures of Heaven are children that suffer from any kind of disability or developmental delay, children with mental illness or any other situation that asks for special care and support.

All interested in the ToH meeting are invited to arrive on Friday April 2nd at 4pm, which will give us some extra time to share and discuss on Friday and Saturday (the Convocation will start Saturday evening).

We kindly ask to share this invitation with all concerned families you may know, as our committee does not have any official records yet.

Invited are not only all parents of ToH children, but also other parents that feel a call to support this ministry, and are ready to contribute in various ways (that may be from listening and understanding, to help to set up workshops and holiday activities) The bigger the network the better the support!

Those who would like to participate are asked to apply asap, so that we can make reservations at the youth hostel. We will only have a limited amount of places available, starting with 15 to 20, as we have no idea how many brothers and sisters would like to come. Please mention with your application whether you would like to participate in both, the ToH as well as the EPMC meetings.

Also, we would like to ask you to prepare topics you would like to be discussed, or any other suggestions, and send your inputs beforehand to one of he organizing committee members (Lisa, Maria or Keitha so that we can prepare well and get maximum profit out of our meeting.

We also invited Fran and Yoshi Ichijo from America, who have lots of experience in dealing with ToH situations, and have established the ministry successfully already some years ago.

Treasures of Heaven Ministry meeting:


Youth hostel Grävenwiesbach
Hasselborner str. 20, 61279
Grävenwiesbach (Taunus)

Arrival: April 2nd, 4 pm

Departure: April 3rd, 4 pm (or continue with Parents Matching Convocation)

Costs: EUR 35 for one night, or EUR 120 all together when staying for PMC

Hope to meet you in Germany!

God Bless you,

On behalf of the European Blessed Family department, yours sincerely

Rainer and Chieko Fuchs, Lisa Janssen, Geros Kunkel 

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