The Words of the Kunkel Family

How to Apply for the Matching

Geros Kunkel
November 6, 2009

Dear Applicant,

Please read the following carefully to make sure that you understand very clearly the Standards and Guidelines you need to achieve in order to be qualified for the Matching and Blessing.

If anything is unclear or you have any questions at all about anything in this letter, please ask your FFWPU National Leader or Blessed Family Department Representative.

Here are the Standards for Matching that you are expected to have achieved by this point:

1. You have at least 1 year of active membership in the Unification Movement before applying – that means sexual purity for all of that time.

2. You have studied the Divine Principle up to a 7-Day level.

3. You have recently attended at least one FFWPU or UPF program (e.g. Sunday Service, WAIT, IRFF, SFP, etc.)

4. You are tithing regularly or are making financial contributions.

5. You have demonstrated good character, which includes the maturity to be a responsible spouse with self-discipline, and an unselfish life-style (e.g. responsible studies and/or employment).

6. You have received Blessing preparation guidance.

7. You are connected to a community of other Blessed Families.

A Note on Your Personal Info

In order for us to make the best choices, we require that you provide all of the information asked for in the documents that we outline below and which will be given you by your National Leader or local Blessed Family Department.

Until all personal information has been received, you will have the status of an Applicant and not yet in a position to be Introduced. When all the information has been submitted, you will have the status of a Candidate and will be eligible to be Introduced.

Experience has shown us that this process is by far the best way to greatly reduce any possibility of misunderstandings later on.

Application Forms

To apply for the Matching, you will be asked to complete the following 3 documents:

European Matching Application (First Generation) Form (pdf)

‘My Life Story’ Document (pdf)

Interview & Confession Form (pdf)

A note about each:

1. European Matching Application (First Generation)

On this form you will give facts and information about yourself on issues like health, family, education, and more. You will also be asked to provide photos and documentation and you will need to make health checks and so on.

This form will be available to your National Leader and BFD representatives during the consideration of your Introduction, but will not be shown to other Candidates.

2. ‘My Life Story’

This document gives you a chance to express yourself in your own words following some guidelines to help you say what you think someone may like to know about you.

You will also be expected to ask your spiritual parent, local church leader, or advocate to write a page about you -- from an objective point of view.

These documents will be available to your National Leader and BFD representatives during consideration of your Introduction.

3. Interview & Confession form

The Unification Principle explains that suffering and separation from God are closely linked with the misuse of love. Hence, it is very important to refrain from sexual intercourse outside of marriage when you are preparing for the Blessing.

Hence, this form is like an article of faith and gives you an opportunity to acknowledge your past mistakes so that you can make a clean new start in a new relationship on a foundation of honesty and sincerity.

The Interview and Confession is between you and the interviewer, who will be a local FFWPU leader or BFD representative. Its contents may be made available to other BFD representatives during the consideration of your Introduction, but will not be shared with anyone else.

You will also be expected to provide a copy of your STD and HIV/Aids test results along with a general check-up health test. Also, sickle-cell results if you are dark-skinned.

There is a fee for a successful match, which varies by nation. Please speak to your local BFD representative.

The Matching and the Blessing

The Process of the Matching

The Matching process goes all the way up to the Blessing through the following steps:


21-day Communication Phase

Heavenly Courtship

Acceptance and Commitment

7-day Fast

Financial Offering

The Process ofthe Blessing

The Blessing process goes all the way to consummation of marriage:

Holy Wine Ceremony

Blessing Ceremony

Indemnity Ceremony

40-day Offering of Abstinence

3-day Ceremony

For further details on these, please speak to your local BFD representative. 

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