The Words of the Kunkel Family

Pre Blessing Announcement Feb 2010 TF Birthday (February not sure yet)

Geros Kunkel
November 2009

Dear Blessed Families,

Although it is not yet official and detailed information will follow, I would like to inform you, that True Parents have announced a Blessing in February 2010 around the time of their Birthday. This Blessing will most likely include a matching for Second Generation as well as a Blessing for all matched 1st and 2nd Generation couples.

All those who wish to attend should prepare for this in advance and let me know, so I can stay in touch with them and give further updates.

For those wishing to receive matching by our True Parents it is most likely that the CIG standard will apply. This standard requires candidates to be those who have kept their purity, have never been matched before, have absolute faith in the matching of our True Parents, are willing to receive an international matching, are in good health and are willing to live a public life. They should also be in the age of 17-24, but those older than that may apply if they have kept the CIG standard. If you have any questions concerning this please ask.

Please make sure to complete the Blessing application. All information and forms are here: (

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time:

Yours sincerely,

Geros Kunkel 

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