The Words of the Kunkel Family

Blessing Workshop in Helsinki Finland

Geros Kunkel
May 9 - 10, 2009

Twelve 2nd generation young people between 17 and 21 years old attended the full program of the Blessing workshop on the weekend of 9th and 10th of May 2009. The young people and their parents as well as other adults attending -- partly or in full - are so very grateful for Geros Kunkel to have agreed to come to Helsinki to conduct the workshop here in the far north. Also, Geros had agreed to convey all the contents of the normally 3 day-workshop in merely a two-day weekend.

The parents´ reaction was very positive from the start, as Geros was able to speak clearly, deeply and with much heart about the difficult issue of the change of blood lineage throughout history from the days of the fall to today. The 2nd generation as well as the parent generation could receive new information or gain new and deeper understanding on this serious issue.

Geros repeatedly stressed the importance of the relationship between parents and their child -- the importance of healing and developing that relationship where it is not smooth, as it is essential for the 2nd gen's wellbeing not only with regard to the matching and Blessing.

Parents also said feeling relieved, inspired and hopeful following Geros´ presentations as he was able to disperse many worries and even fears around the matching and blessing -- after all, there is not only the excitement about a glorious future, but there are also painful memories of a difficult course that many parents have walked and are still walking. He kept reminding us of God as the Heavenly Parent who cares for everyone, and how we need to be open and allow God to participate in the matching process.

Second generation kids said they got lots of new and deeper contents, the lectures were so interesting that it was easy to stay awake; they also said having gotten a realistic, practical understanding of the matching process.

Practical and illuminating was especially the explanation and diagram about how two “strangers” -- newly matched and blessed husband and wife -- can learn to appreciate, love and connect to each other by investing into each other’s areas of interest, expanding their own heart in the process, consciously creating space for the other person within and consequently changing their own concepts and limitations.

Deeply inspiring also was the explanation of how we connect to Heavenly Father’s Heart and Love through our own Heart and how that connection to God within us should guide our emotion, intellect and will (all in a 4 Position Foundation), and not for us to be dominated by will, intellect or emotions alone. The setting in which we met, a nice conference hotel in East Helsinki surrounded by woods and Baltic Sea shore, contributed to us all having an enriching, encouraging and joyful weekend workshop that will be remembered for a long time. Thank you! 

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