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Abssex Workshop

Geros Kunkel and Julius Alexy
May 1, 2009
European Youth Department
saws Europe

Hello from saws.europe!

Dear brothers and sisters,

we are very excited to invite You to learn about Absolute Sex.

We will hold the "Abssex ws" from the 16th to the 17th of May in the beautiful city of Bergamo in northern Italy.

In the nineties of the 20th century Father asked Rev. Sudo to teach the so-called Completed Testament Age (CTA) lectures to give an update on DP content (which was originally written in the fifties). We know the content of the CTA lectures mostly from the Settlement Age workshops and Father's speeches in the last 15 years.

Short time ago Father asked Rev. Yoo to teach "Original DP or Absolute Sex" ws as the new upgraded teaching for the current era in the Providence, based on the CTA and DP content. This new content is not well known yet and Father is hoping that all blessed families can learn and practice it soon as the substantial foundation for CIG.

Mr. Rainer Fuchs is one of the first Europeans who could learn the content while attending one of the workshops in Korea, in autumn of 2008. SAWS-Europe asked him to share the basics with elder European Second Generation.

The workshop is addressed to all Second Generation older than 21 years.


Location: Bergamo, nearest airports Bergamo (Orio al Serio) or Milano. We will stay at the Youth hostel and hold the ws in Bergamo UC center.


Ws starts on 16th May, Saturday at 9:30 and ends on 17th May, Sunday at 15:00.

You can arrive to Bergamo already on Friday evening.


50 Euros (including staying over night, meals, transportation during the ws). If You do need to stay extra night, the price will be increased (estimated 20 \ per night). The fee is already including sponsorship from SAWS-Europe.


Apply latest by 7th May 2009 to For more details You can write to the mentioned email address or call Julius Alexy

Looking forward to read/hear from You and finally to see You in Bergamo.

Geros Kunkel and Julius Alexy
European Youth Department 

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