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Blessing at True Parent’s 90th Birthday

Geros Kunkel
January 5, 2009

To: All Blessed Families
From: Geros Kunkel
Refer: Blessing at TPs 90th Birthday 2009
Date: 5th January 2009

Dear Blessed Families,

I would like to send some updates concerning the upcoming Matching and Blessing.

The matching will take place in Korea on January 13th or 14th 2009 (these are still preliminary dates) and it will ONLY be Picture matching. It is NOT possible to participate in the matching in Person. The Blessing will be in the Manhattan Center, New York, USA on January 31st 2009. Therefore the absolute deadline for handing in Blessing Applications and completing the qualifications for the Blessing for True Parents matching is January 10th 2009. As for the Europeans; I will be traveling to Korea on January 11th 2009. Applications that come in later may NOT be able to take part in the matching. For those already matched that want to attend the Blessing in New York the deadline for completing the Application is January 20th 2009.

Please send in the application by mail or email. Pictures need to be about A4 size and of good Quality. If you wish us to print the pictures in color for you, we will charge 10 Euros a Page. Please send applications to:

Geros Kunkel
Walter-Hesselbach-Str. 214
60389 Frankfurt

The conditions for participation in the matching remain the same, see below. If you are not sure whether you qualify, please get in touch with me. In some cases we may be able to present your situation to True Parents. If you are a reblessing candidate and wish to be matched by True Parents, please prepare your application, so that we can ask True Father and have it ready in any case. Please include in the application the declaration of consent form sent with this letter, you will also find it on the website.

Concerning the Matching by True Parents: The Standard for attending this Special CIG Matching and Blessing by True Parents is the CIG standard. This means:

Purity: Those who have maintained the purity of lineage and have had no exclusive romantic relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend) or experienced kissing, dating or beyond. Also before the special Amnesty.

Absolute faith: Those that have absolute faith in True Parents matching and will accept without question.

International Blessing: Willingness to accept an international, interracial and intercultural matching to create one global family under God.

Public Commitment: Those resolved to live for the sake of others through public activities for at least 3 years.

First time blessed: Those who have never been previously blessed before. (Those who have broken TPs matching are not eligible to apply for TP’s matching again) Good Health: Those who have no special physical or psychological problems.

If you are not sure whether you qualify, please make sure to get in touch with me about your personal situation if you wish to attend.

Reblessing candidates will be considered, if they have not yet started family life. In the case of a broken CIG Blessing (matched by True Father between Dec 2004 and today) only those that did not break the blessing themselves will be considered.

All couples matched by True Parents at this time should attend the Blessing on January 31st 2009.

Concerning The Blessing on January 31st Eligible to attend the Blessing are all qualified already matched couples of the 1st and 2nd Generation. All couples are expected to attend in person. The Blessing will take place in the Manhattan Center in New York, USA on the 31st of January 2009 at 17h New York time. The program for the couples will start January 29th and go until Feb 2nd. 2009. Please plan to arrive in New York by the 29th of January 2009 and depart on the 2nd of February 2009. If plans change you will be informed.

Requirements to attend the Blessing for ALL Candidates: All Blessing candidates must fulfill the general requirements for the Blessing of 2nd Generation. You will find forms and information here:

Blessing application form
Family Introduction Form
Blessing Interview
Blessing Pictures
AIDs test
Health Certificate
7 day Fast
Blessing Preparation WS (no more than 2 years old)
21 day DP WS
At least 17 years old

Blessing fee (1400 USD / 1100 EUR for Europe, 500 USD / 400 EUR for reblessing candidates, if they paid the Blessing fee)

Anybody who would like to attend the CIG matching or participate in the Blessing, please register with me. For the Blessing Application, please go to: where you will find all info, requirements, forms, etc. concerning the Blessing Application process. Only registered and approved candidates will be able to attend.

All Blessing candidates should prepare a Blessing ring and a Dark (black or blue) suit, with a white shirt and a red tie (brothers) or a white wedding dress (sisters). There is a chance that you will asked to wear traditional national dresses. But we will inform you about this later. To order a Blessing ring through Switzerland, please send your ring size to T. Yakuwa The deadline to order rings is also January 10th 2009, as they need to be made in time for the Blessing.

The prices for Blessing rings ordered in Switzerland are as follows:

Man’s Yellow Gold 18K 365.00 Swiss Franks (CHF) / € 250
Woman’s Yellow Gold 18K 315.00 Swiss Franks (CHF) / € 215
Man’s White Gold 18K 390.00 Swiss Franks (CHF) / € 265
Woman’s White Gold 18K 340.00 Swiss Franks (CHF) / € 230

Concerning Travel:

The schedule will be to arrive in New York on the 29th of January and depart on the 2nd of February 2009. Please book for these dates, but please remain flexible until January 18th 2009, as there may still be slight changes in the schedule.

In any case, please keep us informed about your flight schedule.

I am very sorry as this surely causes a lot of difficulties, especially for Europeans to plan travel. Therefore I strongly advise you to book your tickets through Claus Dubisz in Wonse who will be informed and be able to help keep tickets flexible as long as possible and possibly help with changes of plans. It is wise not to book the cheapest tickets, as they usually have a no change policy.

It is also possible to fly as a group from Frankfurt. We are booking a Lufthansa Group flight from Frankfurt, where you can fly with Lufthansa from almost anywhere in Europe to Frankfurt and then join the group to New York.

I would also like to ask all candidates who want to attend the upcoming Matching and / or Blessing to get in touch with me and let me know which email(s) would be best for sending updates and which Phone number you can be reached, also for announcing the matching in the case of True Fathers matching. I will create a separate email and phone list to send updates as quickly as possible especially for the candidates and parents. If you did not get this letter directly from me, then I probably do not have you on my list yet. Please also regularly check our BFD website for updates: and the Second Generation website: as updates will also be posted there. In the case of picture matching I would like to call you in person or through the National Leader to inform you about the matching.

Thank you for your understanding. Surely God is working and preparing the events around TPs Birthday, let us attend True Parents and prepare ourselves well for participating in this special Blessing.

Please also note that we are having a Blessing Preparation WS Jan 4th -- 7th 2009 especially for the candidates who are preparing to go to Korea for this Blessing. There will be a regular European Blessing WS around Easter time for all other Blessing candidates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to be in touch with me.

Yours sincerely,

Geros Kunkel
European Blessed Family Department
European Second Generation Blessing Affairs 

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