The Words of the Kunkel Family

Report of Blessing July 2008

Geros Kunkel
July 30, 2008

On July 6th 2008 the first major Blessing officiated by Hyung Jin Nim was held in Chung-Pyung Heaven and Earth Training center. From Europe we had 12 couples attend the ceremony. In total there were about 150 couples. For many it was a special experience to participate in the first Blessing Hyung Jin Nim held.

After the Blessing we had arranged a 2-day Blessing workshop for the American and European 2nd gen couples. For this we went to Seoul the morning after the Blessing, were we stayed at a W-CARP workshop center. We spent the first day there together with some guidance about the Blessing and Married life and went to a Korean style Sauna in the evening, which was very relaxing for all the couples. Sweating together and getting machines to massage your feet.

The next day was rather special. Besides having arranged some shopping, sightseeing and visiting the first church in Seoul in which also True Parents were blessed, we had also managed to meet Hyung Jin Nim and his wife at the Headquarter church. Hyung Jin Nim spent 2 hours with the couples, speaking to them, hearing from them. It was special to connect personally to Hyung Jin Nim for all the couples and also to have the chance personally to thank him and to share from the heart. At the end Hyung Jin Nim took time to take individual pictures with all the couples and to sign autographs.

This made the blessing a very special experience, not just to be blessed, but also to spend time together as couples and to spend some personal time with Hyung Jin Nim, who surely plays an important role in the lives of all these couples. 

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