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Invitation To The 17th European Blessing Workshop For 2nd Generation Members And Parents

Geros Kunkel
March 5, 2007

It is my great pleasure to inform you about the upcoming blessing Workshop in Europe.

Especially during this time when the True Parents have taken responsibility to conduct matchings and Blessings for the Second Generation it is important, that we are well informed and prepared to attend our True Parents and prepare well for receiving the blessing. As parents will also continue to do matchings it is important to understand well how we can fulfill this responsibility.

At this WS we also want to offer participants who are in the process of preparing to go to the Blessing the possibility of making Blessing Pictures. If you want to use this opportunity, please prepare nice clothes and 20 Euros. You will receive a print out and a digital copy.

Please note that people who have not attending a Blessing workshop will not be eligible to attend the Blessing.

17th Blessing WS:

Invited are: All Second Generation over 17 years of age and all Parents who have children in this age.
Dates: 12th April to 15th April 2007
Arrival/Departure: by 4 pm on the 12th April 2 pm on the 15th April 2007
Place: Youth Hostel Oberreifenberg, Germany (website)
Cost: 110 Euros (100 for every further member of the same family.
Registration: Please register with T. Yakuwa in the ESGD ( / Tel: 0049 69 74745933).

If you have any questions feel free to contact the ESGD.

Please bring: slippers, notes, no sleeping bag necessary.

Please also note, that the Blessing homepage is accessible:

Here you will be able to find all information concerning the Blessing, the application process and also about the upcoming Blessing WS. Feel free to take a look and send us comments or questions.

Yours sincerely,

Geros Kunkel
European Second Generation Blessing Affairs

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