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Update: Blessing in February 2007 for Second Generation

Geros Kunkel
January 20, 2006

We would like to give you some further updates concerning the upcoming matching and Blessing in February. The main focus of this blessing is that it is a matching for children of Ambassadors for Peace. However it was decided that 2nd generation will also receive the Blessing this time. Those 2nd Generation members from Europe that wish to attend should prepare according to the guidance of the last letter sent out by the Second Generation Blessing Dept. on the 11. January 2007. In addition to that there are a few updates below.


Father has expressed that he does not want to match by picture this time. This means matching participants should plan to attend in person. Since the date of the matching remains on the 3rd of February this will present a challenge for Europeans. There is no matching planned for a later date at this point. Those who wish to attend the matching and Blessing but cannot travel to Korea on the 3rd should still apply and hand in their picture. They should also sign the "Declaration of Consent to TPs matching" form. If there is a chance we will try to present the pictures. Also if a later matching is announced, we can inform them. But it is not very likely that they will be considered at this Blessing.

For attending the matching the CIG standard of maintaining purity applies. Re-Blessing candidates can participate in this matching if they kept the CIG standard.


The Blessing is for all those that receive the matching at this time and those 2nd gen that were matched by their parents. For this there is no specific age limit, but the CIG standard applies. Couples that were matched by their parents that did not maintain their purity should not attend this Blessing.

The location of both events will be in Chung Pyung.

Please remember to get in touch with Geros Kunkel in time to report about your personal situation and if you have any further questions, please clarify them directly. Further news and information will be posted on the website. For all other matters please refer to our past letter available on

Yours sincerely,

Geros Kunkel
European Second Generation Blessing Affairs

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