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Final Changes To Children Of National Messiah Workshop

Geros Kunkel
August 7, 2006

Please note that the venue of the workshop has changed from Alaska to Mongolia and will be held from the 4 September to 17 September.

Recently Father has been giving guidance about the National Messiah providence, making also several changes. Some of these guidelines concern the 2nd Generation, the children of the National Messiahs. Therefore the International HQ is organizing a workshop for the children of All national Messiahs age 21 and over. This Workshop will take place in Mongolia from 4 September to 17 September and does not cost any fee. If your parents are national messiah, please take this announcement seriously. Read through the letter carefully and send us the filled out form, also if you are not going. We will forward all forms in time. I am sure many 2nd Generation world-wide will attend, and we want to support our European Second Generation brothers going, so please inform us about your plans to go.

Wishing you a good and successful summer,

Geros Kunkel
ESGD director

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