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Second Generation Educator Training - Europe (SET - Europe) and Special Task Force Europe (STF Europe)

Geros Kunkel, Pres Song
July 9, 2006

SET Europe

This is a 1-year full time training to raise Second Generation in properly taking care of their younger brothers and sisters through living an exemplary life. As part of the 7 year Second Generation formula course it will include some basic training of a Life of Faith in the Unification Tradition. They will be educated in DP and how to teach DP and the Core Values. The Training will also include FR and service projects. Participants will go through the training for being able to lead all of the activities of the Second Generation Department on national level, such as the basic JR STF Field Educator training, Blessing workshop training, understanding HARP as a youth education movement, and so on.

They will be trained in management skills, (how to run workshops, setting up financial plan for activities, etc). They will receive practical training by helping at national HARP workshops and the European Second Generation Summer activities.

Its main focus is to give Second Generation the opportunity to strengthens and deepen their faith, but also to learn the practical skills of taking a leadership role towards their younger brothers and sisters.

The training can be done any time after High school, starting on the 1st Oct. 2006 for 11 months.

For more information feel free to contact me / to apply:

Application deadline is 31. August 2006. After applying you will hear from us and also receive more information on how to prepare and what to bring.

Looking forward being with you in this year.

Geros Kunkel

STF Europe

Dear 18+ Second Gen in Europe

Hyun Jin Nim has asked that our worldwide movement provide exciting and valuable programs for the 2nd Gen after they finish school education. He particularly wants all young people to practice living for the greater good by passing through a seven-year course - 2 years youth program (STF and/or alternative programs), 4 years of further education (university, apprenticeship etc) and a year of service abroad. HJN is asking us to promote STF as a leadership-training program for 2nd Gen as a preparation to influence their nation by joining CARP, other fields of the Frontline Providence and/or in their future careers. He wants us to follow his example and become Ďowners of the providence.

Hyun Jin Nim also asked that we develop alternative programs so ESGD is offering a Second Generation Educators Training (SET) for 2006-07, which will be a valuable additional way for Second Gen to develop their leadership and life of faith. We will develop more alternative programs over the coming months and years, so please let us know your ideas, needs and interests.

I hope you can join one of these programs.

President Song
FFWPU Europe

STF (Special Task Force) Europe

A full-time, two year program* for 2nd Gen who are inspired to respond to Hyun Jin Nimís challenge to develop the qualities needed to take an active role in Godís providence (CARP, UPF, future career). To enter the program young people should demonstrate a desire to take ownership for Godís providence and engage in public service.

There is no expectation that applicants are already leaders, rather that through STF they develop the heart and mindset of a leader According to HJNís guidance "someone who has the heart and desire to transform society by living for the sake of others" The emphasis of STF will be on experiential learning, creating an environment where participants can challenge their limitations, bring out their inner potential, develop leadership skills and discover their true identity as the 2nd Generation rooted in True Parentís blood lineage.

STF cultivates heart and character, raising people of conviction who can dream big and accomplish their dreams.

Participants will experience frontline training in FR, witnessing, lecturing, Adventure Workshops, Service for Peace projects and work with CARP and 2nd Generation. The Principle comes to life through teamwork and supports the development of relationship skills and faith as the foundation for a Blessed Family.

For full details of the STF Europe Program and the application form please go to and click on STF. Applications should be submitted until the middle of August for a program beginning in October.

(* It may be possible to do one year STF before and one after university. Some young people may be guided to progress to College/University after their first year, in consultation with STF staff, parents and Youth Department leaders as a better option for their future.)

Contact details:

STF Europe
Alt Sossenheim 63~65
65936 Frankfurt

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