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1 Year Volunteer Programs For Second Generation For 2006 - 2007

Geros Kunkel
May 27, 2006

Dear Second Generation,

At the beginning of the year Hyun Jin Nim gave guidance and new directions concerning the STF program. In the course of Hyun Jin Nim restructuring STF, as a 2-year program to focus more on raising CARP leaders, he has asked the Second Generation Departments to create further alternatives to raise and educate Second Generation. In the process of creating and pioneering these options the ESGD would like to announce 2 pilot one-year volunteer programs to be launched in September 2006. These programs are open to all Second Generation who have finished High school.

1. Public Life Training

The first option will consist of a 1-year (can be extended to 2 years) course of general training in DP and the formula-course. This will consist of WSs with the focus on DP education and building a personal life of faith. In addition they will undergo a period of FR, to build their own foundation of Faith, as well as to raise funds for supporting the 2nd generation activities and a period of Witnessing, to build their own foundation of substance and to become a spiritual parent. The Witnessing will also include Service projects. Through this one year they should build a strong personal relationship to God and actively contribute to the providence in Europe and be ready to go to university and into CARP as an active member.

2. Youth leadership course

The other option will be a selected group of young people that have been active in their nation in building up and supporting HARP, Jr. STF and other 2nd gen projects. They can offer to dedicate one year as a youth leader. This means they will work as a full time to develop and raise HARP and Jr. STF in their nation. As a team of youth leaders working full time on this project they will meet with the ESGD staff for workshops, plan their activities and then go into their nation and work on developing their nations youth work. They will also have periods of Workshops to build their unity and to plan their activities together, periods of FR as a team in order to finance their projects and periods being in their nation executing projects for the youth in their nation in conjunction with the local HARP and Jr. STF leaders. This will include visiting individual Second Gen and mentoring younger ones in order to build a strong and active care system for all 2nd generation. They will mainly support the 2nd gen in their nation to develop and to unite Europe by working as a European team. They will be monitored and supported by the ESGD. Participation to this program will be limited and needs to be planed with the national chapters.

Please consider if any of these options apply to you and register with me. If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hear from you and together to create and develop further opportunities for Second Generation to grow in their faith and help and support others.

Geros Kunkel

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