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Report Of The 5th Meeting Of The European Second Generation Blessed Couples

Geros Kunkel
March 21, 2006

In the midst of an unexpected snow storm in the middle of March about 20 Second Generation Blessed Second Generation met in Zelezna, Czech republic, one of our beautiful Workshop centers only 30 minutes from Prague, for a three-day meeting.

The meeting had the purpose of gathering Blessed couples, spending some time together and having some good experiences as well as hearing and discussing guidance helpful for young couples. Siegfried Klammsteiner prepared this part of the program and gave valuable insights into the couple relationship and how we can make meaningful steps in creating deep and loving relationships as young Blessed couples. These insights were very stimulating and triggered some discussions amongst the participants. Besides that we had plenty of time to share amongst ourselves and play games. The highlight of the three days was the trip to Prague, the golden city. The Main Square was very impressive with a church that looked like Saurons tower and other beautiful buildings. Most of us also took a hike across the river to the castle with its massive cathedral. The day was frustrated a bit by the dinner at a restaurant which, although very delicious, took almost 2 hours to be served, but the time was well spent with a round of the game "werewolf`" which turned out to be a devastating defeat to all the citizens in the game or a miraculous victory for the werewolves.

All felt that as young Blessed couples we have a big but meaningful task to create families where God can feel at home and this task requires our effort as well as the support we can offer to each other. Rather than being left alone and thinking our struggles are only our own issues and that others donít struggle with similar situations, it is valuable for couples to see that the difficulties we face also have been faced by others by our parents and elders and that if we take our responsibility seriously, there is a lot we can do to support each other and accompany each other to master these situations. All of us desire deep and meaningful relationships of love. This requires first of all that we work on ourselves, and with the support of our elders and our other brothers and sisters we can find ways to see beyond our difficulties and find our heart, which is able to love and feel hope in difficult situations and guide us to God.

As elder Second Generation we were also able to have a good discussion at the end about the situation of the Second Generation in Europe and what we as elders can do to support the development of our Brothers and Sisters.

I hope we can have more chances like this in the near future for all our second Generation Blessed couples. To create deep and fulfilling relationships is a big task, but one worth investing in and one worth doing together.

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