The Words of the Kunkel Family

Reflections from the European W-CARP Meeting in Lyon

Geros Kunkel
April 8 - 10, 2005
WCARP Germany

The meeting in Lyon was valuable time well spent. The CARP leaders of the most important nations, as well as the leadership of the Second Generation and The STF-Europe Training program was present and worked together well.

The most impressive aspect of the Meeting, and the part that will surely stay in the memory of the participants, was the culture that was experienced, which is also the foundation of any Cooperation that can lead to results. It was a very good idea to have the meeting in the Lyon CARP center, where all the CARP members of Lyon could attend. Through this they could connect to the European CARP beyond their city and CARP members from all over Europe were impressed by the small but very active CARP community in Lyon.

From the leaderís Perspective a clear vision was created, in which all departments work for a common goal of creating a stable CARP movement, that can integrate the Second Generation, especially those studying and graduating from STF. In addition several projects of World CARP on the European level were discussed and planned. Hopefully many young people can attend those programs and be inspired to support the growing CARP in Europe.

I believe a big step was made towards a united Youth movement for Europe with an inspiring vision.

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