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Living in the Kingdom of God

Glen Kroon
June 13, 2005
Hounslow, Middlesex, United Kingdom

So, what do I write about? It is about time I said something new. Okay, so I will write about living in the Kingdom of God. Frankly, for all the talk about Cheon Il Guk, which is Korean for One Heavenly Nation, I am not living in it. The reason for that is that I have not yet overcome my sinful nature. The Kingdom of God is the place for people who have washed their robes so that they can eat of the tree of life, but I have not done that yet. I still have sinful nature.

Jesus told the story in Matthew 22:1-14 of a king who prepared a wedding feast for his son, and many people were invited to the feast but they did not come. So he instructed his servants to invite people off the streets to attend the banquet, and they filled up the wedding hall with guests. But the king ordered one man attending the banquet to be tied hand and foot and cast out into the darkness because he was not wearing wedding clothes.

To me, this is saying that if I have not removed my sinful nature, I am not qualified to enter the Kingdom of God. How is there hope for anyone then? How many of us have lived with the Divine Principle for years, if not decades, and have given up on the basic premise of the Divine Principle? The purpose of the Divine Principle is that when I apply it faithfully, I ought to be able to remove my satanic nature, and inherit God's nature, that is, become a divine being, just like God, Jesus and True Parents.

How come we have been living with the Divine Principle for so long and been unable to accomplish its most basic premise? Why do I have evil nature? Why is it so hard for me to be good? It is because I inherited fallen blood from Satan through my parents and my fallen lineage. What does this mean? Lucifer tempted Eve into an illicit sexual relationship and she united in blood ties with him and inherited his nature, through sex. Then Adam united with Eve, and he inherited her evil nature, through sex. So, even though I was created to be God's son, I inherited Satanic nature from the fallen archangel Lucifer. So, I am not only a child of God, but in a very real sense, I am the offspring of the devil, as we all are. We are mutant beings, having the blood and nature of an alien species, the fallen archangel. Our first ancestors obeyed Satan's word rather than God's word, so they inherited Satan's nature rather than God's nature.

So, where does this evil nature come from? It is in my blood. I was born with it, and the only way to remove it is to change my blood. What is the process of changing my blood? It is the course of Restoration through Indemnity. What is the purpose of this process? It is to remove my Satanic nature, and to inherit God's nature. So, have you done that? I have not yet, but I am making it my full time occupation.

How do I remove Satan's nature? I have to deny everything my Satanic self likes, and do what I do not want to do. I have to deny the desires of my flesh, and pursue unselfishness and love for others until Satan cannot follow and he leaves. When I make that kind of sincere effort, then I chip away at the common base I have with Satan and make a common base with God who can then intervene to change my nature. I literally cannot do it on my own. After many years of trying, I know that only God can do this in my life. Hence the desperate need for prayer in my life. Also, I cannot do this without the help of a substantial Abel in my daily life.

It is much easier to obey an invisible God than to obey a visible Abel. It is so easy to say that I love God, but can I love the people I see every day, in my home, or my work, or my church?

The Divine Principle talks about two conditions which must be met in order to meet God. The first is the foundation of faith, and the second is the foundation of substance. I prefer to think of it as Cain's course and then Abel's course. In a nutshell, the foundation of faith is where Cain has to practice absolute faith in and absolute obedience to Abel. This is the process by which I root out the common base I have with Satan and remove my Satanic nature.

Who can help me overcome my sin? It is someone who has overcome the same sin I am wrestling with. This person is my mentor, my coach, or in DP terminology, my Abel. I may need a different coach to overcome different aspects of my evil nature, but if I apply myself, I truly believe that this is a possible process. I need to have faith in and obedience to the person standing as God's representative to me. To reverse the process of the fall, I need to: (a) See Abel from God's point of view and love him as God loves him. (b) Respect Abel as God's mediator (c) Obediently submit to Abel (d) Learn God's will through Abel, and multiply goodness by anticipating God's wish and acting on it without even being told.

Abel decides what conditions that Cain has to make in order to remove his Satanic nature. He knows because he has already walked this path and overcome the sin he is helping Cain overcome. Once I overcome enough of my sin, I become qualified to guide others in this same process. This is the foundation of substance or Abel's course.

I have to have the heart of a parent towards Cain to help him overcome his Satanic nature. By praying desperately for a solution to overcome Cain's Satanic nature, I have to have the sacrificial heart of a parent, as God has for me. In the process, I develop God's heart towards people, and come to inherit heavenly nature. This is what it means to take responsibility for another human being. It means that I help him overcome his Satanic nature. In the process of helping someone else overcome his Satanic nature, I am growing by that very act of investing my whole heart and soul into the life of another human being. If I am successful in this process, then I will win the eternal loyalty and devotion of that person to the point where he will risk his life to defend, protect and support me. That is the meaning of restoring spiritual children.

I need to have a base of three people who are willing to lay down their lives for me, because I already did that for them. These three people represent the three archangels in the Garden of Eden. Only when I have restored three people to this point am I qualified to have a sexual relationship. If I marry and engage in a sexual relationship before having restored three people to this level, then I am still in the realm of the fall, and my children will not be born in the Kingdom of Heaven, but will still have Satanic nature.

Without three spiritual children, you cannot stand in the position of having complete support from three archangels; your position remains in the fallen realm and you are liable to Satan's claim at any moment. Also, the three archangels should attend Adam and Eve for three years, in such total unity that they would sacrifice everything to see the day of your Blessing. When that three-year period is over, Adam should receive God's approval and say to the archangels, with God's heart, "Please let me receive the Blessing with my spouse-to-be, since I have grown to maturity." This is the principle of the Unification Church. It is logical that you cannot receive the Blessing without three spiritual children; it is absolutely impermissible. Whoever becomes married without three spiritual children will remain in the fallen realm.
Three Spiritual Children as a Foundation for a Family

The ultimate mediator between God and man is the Messiah, but he does not live in my neighborhood, and I cannot see him on a day to day basis, so I need someone to stand in his place to do the same job of representing God's will to me, as I am so blind that I frequently cannot see it. My first teacher and coach ought to be my conscience, but my conscience is imperfect and needs to be educated my someone who has a higher standard than I do. On the basis of practising faith and obedience, then love will appear. As for the absolute part, I am still working on being absolute. That would appear to be the end of the process, so I will let you know when I get there.

So why did True Father instruct blessed couples in April 2004 to stop having sex until we have entered the Kingdom of Heaven? It is because until we gain the standard of heart which is beyond the fallen realm, then sex will just generate evil energy, and drag us back into hell. Only when I have left the fallen realm is sex permitted, and then only with a spouse chosen by heaven. Then sex with my spouse will allow us both to receive God's heavenly nature, from His participation in the sexual union. That union is either a channel for God's love power to enter my life, and hers, or Satan's evil power to enter my life, and that of my spouse. If I have sex that is not drawing God's power and energy into my life, then I am drawing Satan's power and energy into my life.

So why are our blessed couples stuck, unable to progress, unable to feel God, or hope, or grace? It is because of illicit sexual desire and illicit sexual behavior. The root of sin is illicit sex, and as long as we have not attained the qualification for sex by leaving the fallen realm, by having restored three disciples to the point where they would die for us, then all sex is illicit.

We go to Chung Pyung to remove evil spirits and pay indemnity for our ancestors, but when we come back, are we any better? If we do not remove the common base that we have with Satan, then the evil spirits who left us will come right back when we go back to our old environment and way of life. The only way to restore our ancestors permanently is to remove our evil nature, our selfishness, laziness, greed, arrogance, pride, lying, lustfulness, desire for credit, showing off, insincerity, and so on, which is our common base with Satan. The best way to make a common base with Satan is to engage in illicit sex. It creates evil energy, which Satan delights in, and it fuels his very existence. So, to remove my evil nature, a prerequisite is that I must stop engaging in wrong sex. That includes masturbation, and allowing myself to be sexually aroused by anyone other than my principled spouse. If I do not have control over my sexual desire, then I am its slave. It is as simple as that.

To make a common base with God, I need to live for the sake of others. The first thing I can do for others is to remove my Satanic nature, to the point where God can start to use me. Once I have done that, I can start to help other people separate from Satan. This is the process of restoration. The Messiah just needs a few good people who can break out of the fallen realm, and lead other people to do the same. If we can do that, every problem in this fallen world can be solved. Without doing that, all our efforts will be in vain. Why? Because as long as Satan has control over our sexual organs, he owns us, and can toy with us as he pleases. If you don't believe me, look at yourself and examine what happens when your wrong sexual desire is thwarted. What is your reaction when Father asks us to give up sex until we enter the Kingdom of God? By that reaction will you know whether you belong to God or the other guy, Satan.

If my sexual desire and love do not belong to God, then I am still Satan's slave. Only by purifying my sexual desire, and having God come to own it totally, can I become a being owned by God and able to be used as His object. Once God owns me down to the root of my being, the root of my life force, namely my sexual desire, only then can everything coming from my heart be trusted to belong to God and God alone. Then naturally, my body will follow the will and desire of my mind, which will then be one with God.

Once we accomplish the first blessing, individual perfection, then the second and third will follow automatically.

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