The Words of the Krishnek Family

Rev. Larry Krishnek elected Interim Pastor for the coming year

District Council 10
November 9, 2012

Dear Families of District 10,

This is a very exciting and hopeful time for the Unification Movement in America. We are all very excited about the leadership of Hyung Jin Nim and his team as they put into place a new agenda that will put a greater emphasis on evangelism, family and church growth and development, and closer communication and co-ordination between the national leadership and the local churches.

The District Council would like to thank you for your support in selecting this group of 8 representatives to organize our first district-wide governing council charged with helping to oversee the affairs of District 10 in partnership with the District Pastor. Our Council has selected David Wolfenberger as the first Chairman of the District Council and Towa Lee as the first Secretary. We are aware in all our decisions that we represent you and will do our best to set a good foundation for the future. We wish to convey that we want your input. We will not agree on every decision and you will not agree with everything we decide, but your voice matters and we wish to hear from you.

Our first task given by our National Pastor was to select an Interim Pastor for the coming year. The timeline was quite short. We were given just a few days to come to this decision. In the wake of True Father's passing into Spirit World and the sudden change in leadership in America, the national team wanted this to move forward quickly.

After vigorous discussion, the District 10 Council decided to recommend retaining Rev. Krishnek as Interim Pastor for the coming year. The decision was based on a number of factors.

The process of our District 10 Council decision-making:

District 10 Council members surveyed the District for members' input; and gathered opinions of Rev. Krishnek's performance.

Council members found that the majority of the community is in favor of retaining Rev. Krishnek. Though it should be noted that the 8 days provided by National Headquarters, to make a final recommendation regarding the District Pastor position, did not allow time to perform a search for alternate candidates.

Meeting at the Ballard Church at 11:30 am on Sunday, November 4th the 8 members of the District 10 Council voted to recommend retaining Rev. Krishnek as the Interim District Pastor.

This recommendation was been sent to National Headquarters for confirmation by True Mother and Hyung Jin Nim, at 8:23 pm on Sunday, Nov. 4th PST via email according to instructions provided for that purpose.

In general what District 10 Council found is that Rev. Krishnek is well liked and has broad support. We are grateful for his years of faithful service. In the wake of all the changes, he will act as a force for greater stability and continuity in the District. Rev. Krishnek made it clear to us that he does not want to be a candidate for the District Pastor position at the end of this interim term. but is willing to serve in that capacity for the next year while we are looking for a replacement. For that reason the District 10 Council will immediately begin a search for Rev. Krishnek's replacement. He has volunteered to assist the District Council in any way he can including searching for, touring the District and training the new District Pastor. Suggestions from members in the District are welcome,

We are grateful to Rev. Krishnek for once again putting himself on the line for the sake of God's Providence. We are still waiting for more guidance on the exact duties for District Pastors that our national leaders are developing. Here on the District Council, we are working on our own Job Description for District Pastor based on our local needs, but we will need to work with our HQ team to establish the expectations for whoever we will choose to fill this role.

God Bless You as we move forward together.

District Council 10 

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