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In Jin Moon’s Visit to Seattle

Larry Krishnek
December 7, 2008

December 6, 2009

Family Federation Chairperson Rev. In Jin Moon came to visit Seattle from Saturday December 6 to Sunday December 7, 2008. Every hour in Seattle, including meals, was shared with members, local leaders, as well as sincere time specifically with 2nd Generation Unificationists. Her personal stories, filled with color and wit, brought laughter and tears from members who were touched and felt connection with her. Rev. Moon shared in her sermon that she stood in front of them feeling all of her other True Family members were standing there with her.

Seattle is the home city for FFWPU’s Pacific Northwest District, which is comprised of families in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. However two-thirds of this district’s families currently live in Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Their district leader, Rev. Larry Krishnek was ready and excited, along with the community, for Rev. Moon’s arrival. As Rev. Krishneck received Rev. Moon and her family, including two of her sons Shin Yul and Shin Pyung, he as well as many others were extremely pleased and relieved that even though the forecast was for rain, on Saturday, December 6th, the weather proved to be fine and the mountains were available for her family’s pleasure, which is surprising, because at this time of year, the mountains are often hidden behind gray clouds, rain or drizzle.

Rev. Moon and her family were brought to stay at Seattle’s 101-year-old Windemere mansion on the shores of Lake Washington, where members greeted her with cheering and flowers. The Windemere House is one of the Seattle community’s prized and cared-for possessions. It was reported that this beautiful property is the last remaining property originally built by the founding fathers of Seattle and is therefore very respected and prized by the city of Seattle as well. In September of 2007 the Centennial of this mansion was celebrated, and over 1500 people came throughout the day to tour the home. The city of Seattle expressed its gratitude for keeping it so well preserved. Our True Parents and True Family have stayed there on many occasions, and local families shared about the times which they were able to spend with them there. Here many members were able to spend time with Rev. Moon and her family during this weekend.

Soon after their arrival, a welcome dinner was held with 30 elder members of the community, during which each could truly share with Rev. Moon, as well as be appreciated for his or her long-term service. All church members had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share personal experiences, hopes, and memories with Rev. Moon, as well as current happenings and goals. Special guests included Rev. David and Mrs. Taco Hose, who offered the blessing for the meal. It was shared to Rev. Hose, during the meal, that Rev. Moon has always had a fondness for him and his family. Mr. Lloyd Pumphrey and his wife also were present; Lloyd’s parents were both very early members of our movement in America. Lloyd was an infant when Miss Young Oon Kim witnessed to his parents in 1959. Both passed away in the spring of this year, and it was wonderful for Rev. Moon to meet their son, Lloyd, and hear about his own four children as well.

Participants included Dr. Jun Ho Seuk, the Vice President of FFWPUI in Korea, who arrived in Seattle prior to Rev. Moon. Dr. Seuk testified to Rev. Moon’s brothers, Hyung Jin Moon and Kook Jin Moon. “They really love their sister; they really respect her so much. She is a really great elder sister, and great woman. You are so lucky to have her,” Dr. Seuk said.

The atmosphere became very close as Nancy Kubo shared about her work with the amazing Sun Hak Choir, and Jeff Adshead with his work with the creation of Next Generation Academy; both are outstanding accomplishments in Seattle and incredibly inspiring to Rev. Moon. Other members, such as Mary Anglin were brought to tears as she shared and testified how liberated she was when she had heard of Rev. Moon’s assignment as Chairperson. “It reminded me of God’s love, and Father’s incredible wisdom for America, and for our movement,” she said. Mrs. Anglin expressed that she and her husband have been on call for the Seattle community. She then said in tears to Rev. Moon, “We are on call for you”.

Soon after dinner, 120 2nd Generation youth and young adults over the age of 15 gathered at Windemere to share their dreams with Rev. Moon. Her husband first shared welcoming remarks to everyone, with two DVDs about her work: the first regarding Blessed Children choirs started in Japan, and the second, a high-powered promotional video for the Manhattan Center, which she currently manages as CEO.

Rev. Moon then spoke briefly, explaining that she would keep her talk short because she wanted to hear more from the 2nd Generation individually. For the next two and a half hours, each person introduced himself or herself and expressed passions, interests, and goals as well as questions and results they were really hoping to see from our movement. Rev. Moon shared throughout the night, “One of the things that I want to say to all the young people is that I can’t change what has gone on before I met you today, but starting with today we can decide, or you can decide what kind of a person you want to be.”

Each 2nd Generation youth was encouraged to know that each has his own unique character, and should go forward in whatever that is. Many shared their interest in music. One even hoped that a program after high school (similar to the STF) could be started for 2nd Generation sharing a passion for music, wherein they could keep pursuing music but be able to experience God as well.

One 2nd Generation member felt comfortable sharing that she feels her dream is finding a way to bring not just 2nd Generation members, but all religious and conscientious people of the world together; a networking that is extremely honest, useful and convenient for anyone. “There has to be a way that we can work together, because I see a lot of separate bodies that could be a lot more powerful and efficient, and impact every single person in the world so much, if we could just work together.” Rev. Moon responded, “I like the fact that you are kind of thinking out of the box, you’re not just thinking about 2nd Generation, you’re thinking about the world’s children or the young people outside our movement as well as inside.”

Rev. Moon’s open heart and concern for each attendant in the room was unmistakable, as her responses were thoughtful and extremely meaningful. One of the first 2nd Generation shared a recent experience, explaining that she had gone to the STF program because she thought this needed to be done for her to be respected by others in the movement, and also feeling she would be making her parents proud. However she shared honestly in tears that she ended up coming home early very disappointed. Rev. Moon told her that she should not feel like a failure because even though STF is a wonderful program, it is not for everyone. Instead she could be able to find her relationship with God through something else. Speaking to everyone, Rev. Moon responded, “Instead of waiting for people to respect you, in order to be a wonderful Blessed Child you need to respect yourself. The minute you do that, then everything you do becomes something that you’re proud of and confident about. So, spend a little time figuring out what you’d like to do, and that’s OK.” Through hearing this from Rev. Moon, her heart could truly be comforted.

Many of the responses that Rev. Moon gave to the second generation also created a strong connection, with many of them matching her own personal experiences. For example, one girl shared with Rev. Moon about her older sister passing away in 2002. She expressed that this has changed how her life has been, and shifted reality for her. There were many processes to overcome, but because of what she went through, she hopes to help others by working with youth dealing with grief. Rev. Moon responded in agreement that putting your energy into helping others is the best way to get through this difficult process. Rev. Moon shared that music and the arts are what helped her personally overcome this grief after the passing of her own siblings. Rev. Moon expressed that this sister should let her and her husband know whatever they could do to help and support her.

December 7th, 2008

The next morning, Hoon Dok Hae was held at Windemere with Rev. Moon, her family, and 100 members from the Pacific Northwest District. The 5th Peace message was read by Seattle’s Youth Pastor, Korbin Anglin, and afterwards Rev. Moon spoke to all the families present.

Directly afterwards, Rev. Moon invited 2nd Generation Blessed couples and leaders to join her and her family for breakfast. As the breakfast began, Rev. Moon asked to hear about the current happenings and activities going on for Youth in the Seattle community. She listened to Korbin Anglin, who later expressed in reflection of his experience with Rev. Moon that “I could really feel love from Rev. Moon as I could tell she was listening very closely, asking questions and offering feedback.” The conversation then shifted into questions for Rev. Moon. She shared with the Blessed Couples about her experience raising children. Many had questions to ask and received answers they could use presently, or in the near future with their spouse and future families.

Sunday Service then began at 9 am. Because of the larger number of people attending from the whole district, service with Rev. Moon was held at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Seattle with over 350 members.

Rev. Moon began her sermon to the congregation by sharing her personal feelings for Seattle.

“When my father decided to bring his children over so that we can become American, and learn the American culture so that we can be in a position to love the American people, one of the first places we landed was Seattle. I feel like just as Seattle represented for the True Family a brand new beginning, in a way Seattle represented for the world many brand-new beginnings. I cannot imagine my life without Microsoft, and I cannot start my day without Starbucks. And we wouldn’t be quite as effective as a True Family if we didn’t have the Boeing Company to thank. (laughter) So I feel truly blessed in so many ways to be here with you this morning”.

After listening to her speak to the congregation, Rev Larry Krishnek shared that “Rev. Moon’s message was a balm to the hearts of us all. Her strength, wisdom and maternal love engender a certain confidence and hope. This kind of combination in leadership is so unique. Add to that, her humor, grace and sensitivity and the result is new and wonderful”.

Many members reflected their inspiration from Rev. Moon’s sermon, especially from her insights shared. With one reflection from a Seattle member, Ken Cohen, he expressed “Rev. Moon, you described to me that your lifeline is woven in your heart and sculpted by music. This I will never forget. Even more you described the absolute autonomy of being a “mother”; not just being a common noun but as the absolute true ideal. That awakening for me was more than you might imagine.” He was also inspired by her expression of visions from other True Family members. “When speaking about your brother Hyo Jin, you said he laid the foundation to purify the mission of music. The strength that he used to create the Manhattan center is amazing! Your insight into this is nothing short of a gift from God”.

Another member, Mike Lancey, felt that “She shared in a very realistic way, and from her heart, about facing up to whom we are and where we are right now. Our Chairperson urged each of us to take ownership of our challenges and our Blessings.”

Shortly after the main service, a talent show was given for Rev. Moon and the community. Rachel Curry emceed the entertainment with four second generation offering solo performances of their original works, as well as a group of 6 girls from Oregon performing an original dance to one of Rev. Moon ’s recorded songs.

Before leaving Seattle that day, Rev. Moon made it a priority to meet with every family one by one; greeting, sharing, and taking a picture together. A long line was made for families, and each waited with excitement to introduce himself, with many giving gifts and thankful remarks. Mike Lancey shared that “When our family met Rev. Moon on Sunday, in our turn in line, our daughter whispered to her and her husband that she would like to best friends. I personally felt like I was walking on clouds after our meeting and was very fortunate to be table to thank Rev. In Jin Moon personally for coming to Seattle and making such a big difference here.”

Other members shared later about their full experience of Rev. Moon’s visit. Brian Granstrom shared that the most moving part of the weekend for him was when she took the time on Saturday evening to talk with each of the second generation. “I felt that everyone in attendance was able to get a much deeper connection with the True Family through this interaction.” In the past he had not been able to meet True Family up close and personal when they visited their district. But this time, he felt a strong familial connection with Rev. Moon and her family.

Another member from Seattle, Randy Orr, shared “I feel that Rev. In Jin Moon has now emerged to connect American members with True Parents. Thank you, Rev. Moon for accepting this precious role.” 

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