The Words of the Krishnek Family

2075 Anniversary Report

Larry Krishnek
July 1, 2007
Seattle, Washington

On Sunday, July 1st, 17 couples from the 2075 Blessing boarded the Argosy Cruise boat for three hours of celebration and remembrance.

Mrs. Eva Maria Taylor, Mrs. Nancy Kubo and Mrs. Penny Frisk prepared a wonderful event and Seattle prepared wonderful weather for a cruise and brunch. The boat pulled out at noon and spent the next two hours cruising beautiful Elliott Bay. The skyline of Seattle on the East and the rugged Olympic Mountain range on the West provided an inspiring natural backdrop for our celebration.

For several weeks previous to our anniversary, couples had been attending dance classes after Sunday Service to prepare for our special day. But, the spirit was so high, and the music so tempting that even the "rookies" couldnít resist hitting the dance floor and expressing their joy with some pretty sharp moves.

The Argosy provided us with an excellent brunch, which we enjoyed while viewing the DVD of our Blessing. What memories! We all were transported back in time. You could see the fires of romance rekindling here and there. (If we were all younger, I would expect a mini-baby boom nine months from now!)

We are so busy in our lives, promoting the work of True Parents and building the Kingdom that we donít often take the time to really experience what it is we have. July 1st was a time when, I think, all present could really experience the wonder and magnificence of the lives we have as couples and as a community of Blessed families.

Thank you always to God and True Parents for such rich and beautiful lives. Thank you to the 2075 couples. You are fantastic!

Rev. Larry Krishnek
Seattle, Washington

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