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America's Destiny Tour One Family Under God - Hope - Harmony - Healing - Dr Hak Ja Han Moon

Larry Krishnek
May 30, 2007
Seattle, WA

When the sun is shining in Seattle, there’s no better place to be, especially if you are arriving by air. Such was the welcome nature prepared for True Mother and her entourage. The snow-capped peaks that surround the Puget Sound area revealed themselves elegantly and set the tone for the day.

The tenth of True Mothers’ twelve cities was Seattle. It’s interesting that when True Father and Mother were on tour in September 2005, Seattle was the tenth city at that time as well.

Yeon Ah Nim had completed her tour through District 10 on the 25th of May and had prepared the way for Mother and the True Family to bring success in this final event.

Our program was held at the Hilton Seattle Airport. Prior to the main event, the Welcome Committee women gathered together under the guidance of our local women leaders. While these women prepared a warm greeting for Mother, other guests were enjoying a delightful buffet in the lobby of the Emerald Ballroom. The people gathered were themselves a buffet of sorts with every ‘flavor’ of the human family present. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, New Agers and members of other religions mixed with one another as did every race and many nationalities. The spirit was one of happy expectation.

Our preprogram MC, Bonnie Berry, set things in motion with a reading of messages from the spirit world. The hubbub of people entering the ballroom changed to order and focus after the reading.

Bosnian Imam Pavolanni gave the message of greeting. The Sun Hak Choir provided a beautiful musical introduction to the event and Mrs. Paulette Wiesinger sang a stirring solo.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon’s introduction of True Mother was very touching. To see an adult son testifying to his parents with such confidence, passion and clarity left a lasting impression for many and provided an excellent foundation for True Mother to speak.

Mother brought a spirit of warmth and feminine strength; reassuring and strong as she delivered True Father’s message, bringing life and meaning to each word.

After the True Family departed, 6 new Ambassadors for Peace were commissioned on the stage; 36 in all were honored. Representative women of the Welcome Committee signed the Proclamation as Dr. Jenkins read it, and later, all women had the opportunity to add their signatures.

Seven pastors received Family Church Flags.

The crowd lingered after the main program in the atmosphere of joy that has been created this evening. Many new friendships were made and existing ones nourished in the atmosphere of true love brought by the True Family.

L. Krishnek

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