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America's Destiny Tour - Mrs. Yeon Ah Choi Moon - "Pacific Rim Era in God's Providence"

Larry Krishnek
May 24, 2007
Boise, Idaho

Yeon Ah Nim completed her fourth event tonight in Boise, Idaho. A full house greeted her in the "Bishop Barnwell" room at Boise State University.

During the preprogram Yeon Ah Nim met with several Welcome Committee ladies in the green room. Later in the program, they signed the Proclamation together with Yeon Ah Nim and other women present. The message that women are the key to peace in the future was enthusiastically accepted.

Special remarks were delivered by Pete Cenarussa, former Secretary of State of Idaho. Pete served in that role for 36 years. He held public office for over 51 years, retiring in 2003.

Five New Ambassadors for Peace received their commission this evening and are ready to take on greater roles of responsibility.

The Boise members worked hard to put it all together. Although there is currently only one family living in Idaho, there is a very deep foundation that exists due to 20 years of heartfelt investment by Tim and Shizuko Comey. Shizuko left her family in Portland for one week and came to work in Idaho. State Leader James Oberg and the Hagino family of Idaho together with two volunteers from Northern California, Mrs. Hamasaka from Washington and District Assistant, Arnold Evanson completed the core team. More help came the last two days from Oregon and Washington.

As in Portland, Yeon Ah Nim stayed until she had personally greeted every person in attendance who remained, sharing with them personally, having pictures taken and signing the speech booklets. She is truly a Woman of Peace.

L. Krishnek


Former Idaho Secretary of State, Pete Cenarussa: "We need this kind of drive for family harmony and world peace. It's wonderful to see the love of God pouring out to us here in Idaho."

Julie Robinson, Ambassador for Peace: She is part of the Women's Welcoming Committee: She said Rev. Moon is a great man and this church is the most unselfish of all. She went on to say how this world is so dark and seemingly hopeless, but because of the message and mission we have she can see a bright light that guarantees true hope for all mankind. Mrs. Robinson keyed in to the message of the "Pacific Rim Era", and stated that this is very important and is impressed Father Moon understands this so clearly. She is very proud to be connected to us and is always uplifted when in our presence. Mrs. Robinson looks forward to continuing a fruitful relationship with us.

Andy Fujimoto: "Promoting the family, without doubt, will make the family succeed. What a great blessing to have had Mrs. Moon share Father Moon's vision for world peace."

Pastor Minnie Rae: "It's always inspiring to see so many different kinds of people working together for peace."

One of the lady guests said, "I didn't think I would like it, to be honest, but I had a great time. I think women can make a difference in world peace."

Another said, "I want to reread the speech when I get home. She (Yeon Ah Nim) was very sincere in her presentation. Very nice!"

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