The Words of the Krishnek Family

Pure Love 2000 Speech Contest: Wining 3-minute Speech

July, 2000

Hey PLA! I'm seventeen years old, from Washington state, and I have chosen to remain abstinent until marriage!

I'm not going to preach to you about the diseases that free sex can lead to, such as AIDS or other STDs, or about the heartbreak, about the broken families, or about any other of the social burdens which are the direct consequences of a promiscuous lifestyle. Even though I could do that easily and make a long speech about it, I have to be honest.

The real reason why I've chosen to remain abstinent is not because I'm scared that sex will hurt me, but because without free sex, I can be free! I'm free to concentrate on academics and studies without the hassles of a late-night date.

I'm free to spend afternoons running cross-country and track without having to worry about how attractive my body is to guys or why my man hasn't called in a few hours.

I'm free to spend my money on things I like to do, like going to the movies with friends or buying shoes, instead of blowing my paycheck on provocative clothes or a motel room.

I'm free to think about my future and plan my life without the roadblocks of unwanted pregnancies or too many men.

But a more important freedom than the freedom to develop my education or to develop my running is the freedom to develop myself as a person! By being pure, I can give 100% of my time and effort developing my character, personality, trustworthiness, patience, and ability to love unconditionally through relationships with family, friends, and the PLA! This way, when I do decide to get married, I can be for my husband not only a clean, pure partner, but one with characteristics that can make our marriage last! And through a lasting marriage, I can then create a lasting family.

You know, the family is the backbone of society, so what happens if this backbone is weak? What happens when it's broken down by adultery and by immature parents? When this happens, society cannot help but fall.

Do you want America to remain in the gutters it was flung into by free sex? Do you? Well, neither does the PLA. The PLA is here to free the world through purity!

Thank you!

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