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Chris Krefft's Channeling Ministry

Peter Nordquist
November 10, 2013

Dear All,

I attended the weekend seminar last week at Barrytown on "Ontology and the Heavenly Parent" and therefore feel completely qualified to comment on Chris Krefft's ministry/project.

Chris's channeling is connected to higher spirit world, not lower spirit world. It is somewhat like having a meeting in which Unificationists on Earth discuss Divine Principle, except that now it is including various folks from the spirit world. This kind of phenomenon is exactly predicted by Father as people become more aware of their spiritual senses and make connections with Unification spirit world including God.

Nothing unusual or unprincipled at all.

You might find my interaction with Chris on the second day of the seminar interesting. Someone channeling through Chris asked if we wanted to send our second gen fundraising in the strip club/bar. My comment was, "They need to be saved too." at which Chris or whoever was channeling through him took exception and argued with me. Then I said, "I know my son, very well! Do you!" Then Chris and whoever was channeling through him shut up and backed off.

Then during Chris's talk the next day (Sunday morning) he (and whoever was channeling through him) completely backtracked and took my point of view and even explained it as though it were me myself explaining, and pointed out that when he is opposed (as he perceived that I was doing with my opposing point of view the day before) that it is usually God in the person doing the opposing. In other words, Chris is not God, nor does he claim that even when supposedly he is channeling for "God" that he represents all points of view that God might in fact hold on any particular issue. Even he (and whoever is channeling through him) stands to be corrected by spiritually more mature points of view or experiences that his audience might express. He is totally loyal to God and True Parents, and certainly True Mother on the Earth, and is working to correct shortcomings within our movement and to rejuvenate it, especially by the Heavenly Mother aspect of God working to bring the Mother's or Woman's point of view by engaging sisters to help empower and rejuvenate our movement, including True Family members, and in particular seeks to make an impact on the Middle East as a necessary part of bringing Unification between North and South Korea. There are many people in the Unification Movement with special missions that God has called them to and prepared them for since they were children.

It certainly is not a cult, but in my opinion is carrying on the work of Lady Dr. Kim to some extent, who was the first official spiritualist of the Unification Movement appointed by Father (and my spiritual grandmother whom I dreamed about in 1973 along with Father and some of the True Children, six months before meeting Unification Church in).

I think what he is doing is very valuable. Important folks in the spiritual world are able to get certain things off their chest that they wish people on earth would know or would be willing to consider. For example Mary, mother of Jesus, pointed out that she still remembered and felt badly that Jesus had said to her, "You're just a woman. How can you understand my mission?" (as I recall from last weekend). This shows that the relationship between Mary and Jesus in which Mary didn't cooperate in getting him married to the right person, was not entirely the fault of Mary, from Mary's point of view, if we take the channeling as validly from Mary the mother of Jesus.

I also think that this is inevitable preparation for the internet to be connected to the spirit world. Very valuable and very important. If God calls you to a mission and you have a relationship with God and the power comes to accomplish that mission, which Father said must come, then you have no excuse if you don't accomplish it. Similarly God wants to give people with John the Baptist type missions a lot of love and make them feel special, such that no matter what anybody says to them to dissuade them, they just continue on the road that God has set them on. Chris is simply doing that, and of course is to be commended for reaching this point where he can make an impact on the world with his particular mission that God is obviously calling him to.

Peter Nordquist 

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